Switching From Low Carb Modified Keto to Weight Training Diet

Does anyone have any tips on how to transition from a low carb/keto diet on to diet recommended by the gym. They suggest 30% carb, 30% fat and 40% protein. I’m 54 years old, on TRT and thyroid suppression replacement due to thyroid cancer.

Last Nov I started dieting with increased walking and managed to drop from 400lbs to 240 lbs as of the beginning of this October (height 6 feet). I noticed during the last month the weight was getting harder to drop and lots of loose skin and muscle atrophy, so I stopped procrastinating and joined a gym this last week. I’ve increased my daily caloric level (from 1200 to approx 2000) and gained 5 lbs.

The weight gain has me worried and any advice would be greatly appreciated and apologies for the may questions I will have in the following weeks.

First of all, if you have loose skin, that was a good loss of fat, so congrats. Second, can you list exactly how your diet changed? What you ate?

Congrats on the weight loss. It is not surprising you gained 5 pounds, you added in 800 calories to your diet and also added in carbs. Most of that bump is most likely due to glycogen restoring after being low carb for that long. I wouldn’t worry about the small bump in weight.

I would do a calorie estimator and see how many calories it spits out to you for maintenance cals. Track this for 3 to 4 weeks while it gives you body time to adjust and see how accurate the calculation was. Adjust accordingly.

From there, take your body weight or estimated lean body mass, and eat that many grams of protein daily, then take your body weight and get .4 grams per day in fats, and fill the rest with carbs.

It would look something like this at 2000 cals per day, and estimating your body fat at 20 percent.
192 protein per day x 4 calories=768 cals
96 fats per day x 9 calories =864 cals
Total of those 2 = 1632
Left over carbs = 92 per day.

You can eat less fats if you want, but with you being accustomed to eating more fats and less carbs this should be easy to hit for you.

That is the basic way of setting up your diet.

To lose weight, 3500 calories in a pound of fat. With that, to lose a pound a week you need to eat 500 cals under maintenance per day per week.

Get a food scale and a free calorie tracking app like Myfitnesspal.

Good luck.