Switching from Gel to Injections. Help with Protocol?

Given your peak, I’m not sure you’ll get there with 100mg. Nothing wrong with trying it though, just like injection frequency, you can always bump it up.

I injext 100 mg once a week and feel good the whole week. Paradoxically, I feel even better on day 6, the day right before the next injection. Shouldn’t my test levels be lower by day 6?

Should be lower but if in good range you would feel normal. If it goes too low then u will probably feel.

Feeling good on day 6 can also be the e2 being at the low.

Ok so just administered first injection. Sub q to stomach .25ml or 50 mg. Question. Should I continue with gel for a few days until sub q is absorbed?

You are asking for trouble in the form of estrogen by doing both injectable T and gels.

WAs just thinking for a couple of days until injectable saturated blood. E2 has been very low as well

Took 50mg wed going to do 50 tomorrow. Going away for a week next Saturday and don’t want to take supplies with me. Should I continue on 50 e3d until Saturday and just miss a dose while away or take double 100mg on the day I leave which will be 3 days after the previous 50 mg dose?