Switching from Gel to Injections. Help with Protocol?

Hi guys. So I’m going to switch from gel to injection this Wednesday. I’ve been absorbing gel really well but it’s inconvenient for me and I’d like to give injections a try. So looking for thoughts on protocol. Dosage, frequency, sub q vs im, location. I’m only doing t at this point as e2 has been very low on gel. I will be doing cypionate. Let er rip

I’ll start…take whatever dose your dr gives you and split it in two and pin twice a week. You will probably be low to start so leave the estrogen control drugs alone for now.

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Thanks stud. So dr won’t give injections. I’m switching on my own.

Join the club. I self treat and I’ve learned a lot on this forum. What are you thinking your weekly dose will be?

Make sure you fully understand the implications of what you are considering. Buying illegal drugs thru the mail from unknown sources.

Buying from a friend so no worry there. I was thinking 100 mg per week divided in 2 doses. Sub q

I tried subQ and didnt like it so keep your options open to IM.

100 is kinda low to me but I’m a “more is better” guy. I cruise at 250 and blast about twice a year.

Also, you still need to track your own blood work. I use Private MD Labs but there are others out there. You will need to order syringes too. Get 18 gauge for drawing and 23 for pinning if the slin pins dont work for you.

Personally, my PCP has no idea of my steroid use. Be careful what you want put in your medical records.

That may end at sometime. Over the course of 4 years, I’ve had to find 3 or 4 new sources. Sources dry up and/or get busted all the time. You need to be prepared

Unless you like injecting, I’d try once a week at first. If that’s not working, you can always start splitting it up.

Regarding the dose, do you have recent blood work? If you know what levels you have when you feel best, it may guide you. However, nothing wrong with starting with 100mg a week, you can always move it up as needed. I’m just thinking if you have been running with higher levels, say 900-1000 total and 150-250 free, 100mg a week probably won’t get you there.

Gel has me at 950-1200 peak but half life is so fast that who knows how many hours I’m at that. My trough is about 200. Would like to minimize sides Seems like the big divide is the once vs twice a week camps

Free t was quite high at that tt which makes me think possible low shbg which would lend itself to more freauent injections

Free t was around 360

Oof…that sucks. You will feel so much better with injections.

I’m low SHBG and even once weekly I scored 440 trough 6 days after a 75mg injection. The important takeaway here is Free T fluctuated tenfold for every 100 ng/dL decrease.

I should also mention that I hyper metabolize testosterone.

That’s a huge drop. Do you notice the swings? Some guys here doing every other day have trouble with the slightest changes.

To be honest no. I mean I’m tired at night but I don’t feel horrible in morning. Have worked out and didn’t seem too bad.

You may be fine with weekly dosing then. I do once a week injections and I feel good all of the time, no crashing on day six or seven.

Does it make more sense to start with weekly then and if not feeling good can go to biweekly. Maybe easier than other way around?

How much?

I think so.