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Switching from Every 7 Days to Every 3.5 Days

Hello, new to here, I have a simple question which is hard to find an answer for. I’m on 250mg of test cyp every 7 days, and I want to switch to 125mg every 3.5 days to have more stable levels. How do I go about switching to that? Do I start on the 7th day and pin 125mg? Or do I pin 3.5 days after my last 250mg pin? Thank you.

It really doesn’t make a lot of difference.

If you do the first 125 mg injection three days after your last 250 mg shot, your testosterone levels will spike higher for a few days, before dropping down over the next couple of doses.

If you leave it for a week after the last 250 mg shot, your testosterone will start off lower and build up to a stable level after a few injections.

You could plot the values using a tool like Steroidcalc if you’re feeling really OCD.

It doesn’t make a difference. Honestly 250mg a week you won’t be able to really feel a difference. Bump it up to 500mg a week. Then you will feel better mentally and physically. Just tell your old lady to hide because you’ll get raging boners and will want to hump like a rabbit. Lol.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

start after 3-4 days

Anything else you need to learn?

How have you been feeling?
Any estrogen problems?
Moody/angry/bitchy? - from high E2

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