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Switching from E3D to EOD

Long story short I switched to IM from SubQ 7 weeks ago. It has been a good change but every now and then I feel unbalanced, libido is inconsistent and my nipples are always hard. I’m also getting a bit more acne lately.

I want to give EOD a try but I need to figure out my dosage. Right now I do .3 (200mg) E3D. I think the right call is to go to .1 for EOD. Does that sound right?

Assuming you want the same weekly dose, then no.

0.3ml every 3 days is 0.1 per day.

0.1 ml/day x 2 days= 0.2 every other day.

That is assuming you actually mean every 3 days and not every 3.5 (twice a week)

That makes sense