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Switching from Cyp to Sustanon

The issue - Due to available choices I am being forced to at least temporarily move from Test Cyp (I inject twice a week, this year do the the pandemic there has been no gym for me, non gym I do 100mg a week, during the gym I range from 250mg-500mg weekly total) to Sustanon.

I want to keep Sustanon stable, I want the same effects as 500mg of Cyp, and I do not use other anabolics currently. The gyms are finally reopening around me after nearly a year of being gone. Due to war-time injuries I am on permanent TRT. How often do I take Sus250 to achieve similar results to Cyp 500mg (injected twice a week 250/250 for weekly totally of 500mg)?

For extra credit, how would I keep Sus stable similar to Cyp at 250mg per week?

Sus is 4 different esters and my math skills are that of a retarded cats. Thanks a lot head trauma. :crazy_face:

I used Sust for my first cycle; 250mg 2x per week and felt just fine. I wouldn’t overthink it just cause of the many esters

It’s in my nature to be super on point and exact as possible, one should not take hormone replacement lightly. I am on long term TRT and already have a way shorter lifespan than someone else would expect at my age / life style.