Switching from Creatine Monohydrate to HCl

Been taking creatine monohydrate for a little while now, I just purchase at my local rite aid and choices are really limited, been using cell tech creatine mono. Saw some cell tech creactor hcl and went for it as it looks to have more servings and is twenty dollars cheaper. I’m not expecting any better results, just went for it as I can get more out of my money. Each scoop is 750 mg of hcl and 750 mg free acid creatine, not really sure what these two together entail.

I was taking 5g of mono daily, so what would be the best amount of this creactor for me to take? I am 200 lbs. Also, anything I should know about the switching over process? or is it just start taking the new stuff and don’t worry about it. thanks.

Definitely get a full blood panel workup and consult with a specialist before making any abrupt protocol changes.

Just take your creatine dude - you won’t notice a difference.

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Haha thanks man.

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