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Switching from Aromasin to Arimidex Mid Cycle

Hi,im 4th week of cycle on 250mg test e/w(tomorw the 5th week starts).I was using Aromasin as my AI.At first i started at 12.5 eod and later i got on tab (25mg) eod since half wasnt enough,now,25mg is too much…plus evey time i take it i get arythmia and increased systolic bp(130/49 my bp at 00:10 am) and get acid problems.So i decided to buy arimidex and go with it to confirm if aromasin was the problem(which i think it is since once i skiped it and bp was excelent and no arytmia).Now my question is,does it take for adex to build up like aromasin? Or can i take it instead of aromasin tomorow and it will start working right away?Or should i take it today and tomorow (adex)?im really sensitive to estrogen and i aromatise really hard,and my nimples are very sensitive to estro since i had gyno before but i reversed it cuz i leaned down.

Aromasins half life is like 9 hours or so if memory serves me. However it’s benefits/effects last about 2-3 days, give or take.
From last dose wait about 2-3 days and its influence should be gone.
Things to keep in mind with arimidex is it has a three day half life or active life I forget. It also does not “kill” the aromatase enzyme like aromasin.
I would start around 0.5 mgs on days you pin the test. I would take a week or two at that dose before deciding to go up if you think you need to.

A lot of guys end up chasing their tail with AI dose. Basically they don’t stay at a given dosage long enough to let everything balance. They keep changing the dose thinking that the day after the dose everything should be good, it takes longer than that.

I understand what you are saying,thanks,thats what i planed,0.5 adex after 5th pin/week tomorow and keep it and see the effect.I was supoosed to take aromasin tomorow(2 days after i took it) but i wil take 0.5 adex instead.thanks a lot.

For some reason I had it in my mind that you were taking 400mgs of test per week. At 250mgs a week I would be hesitant to start with 0.25 mgs of arimidex when you pin if you split your dosage of test into two shots.

Are you taking the whole 250mgs at once? Even though it is a lower dosage you might want to try splitting it into two equal doses per week. It will help keep everything even and more manageable. The whole key to all of this is keeping you levels of everything within a window. No major spikes or dips is the goal.

When it comes to cutting up a tablet into forths or eighths it can be tricky. I have used this trick in the past. Grind that tablet up into powder then dissolve it into a liquid. Let’s say you have a 1 mg arimidex and you want to dose it into 0.25 mgs. Grind up the tablet then use a syringe to measure 4ml. Get a little bottle put the liquid and powder in there and shake. I personally like using rum just because it won’t let anything grow in it and it’s taste helps cover the taste of the powder. If you dissolve into 4mls then 1 mls is your 0.25 mgs, give or take. A half ml is 0.125mgs. remember to shake it good every time you take a dose. If you are just using liquid to dissolve it then I would not go above 0.5 mgs per ml. I have no idea how much filler your brand of arimidex uses to make the tablet but they are usually within a window. You can use a clean syringe to measure your liquid suspended arimidex dose. Depending on what you suspend it in you might need to keep it refrigerated yet if the liquid is cold it will hold less powder even if properly shaken. That’s why I use rum. You can store it at room temperature and you should be good. As long as you only use the syringe to measure your liquid arimidex dose then you can clean it and re use it. Don’t re use one you injected with even if you clean it. Do not inject the liquid arimidex, only oral.

If you end up liking and using the liquid arimidex trick then you can go to Walmart or a drug store and get plant glycerin. If you get that then just mix it 50/50 with the rum. The glycerin will help the solution hold a little more powder and it will hold it a little more consistently. But you still have to shake it every time you use it. It actually has a sweet taste to it. I would only go get it if you find you need to be able to dose 0.25 or 0.125mgs regularly to keep your estrogen in check.

If you are doing a cycle of just 250mgs of test per week and you do go to two equal doses of 125mgs per week then I would start your arimidex dose at 0.125 mgs on the day you pin the test. Give it a week or so see how you feel. If you still have high estrogen then go to 0.25 mgs on your days you pin. I would think you don’t need to go past 0.5 mgs per week at 250mgs of test. I myself tend to need higher doses of AI and when I run 250mgs a week of test 0.5 mgs is just not quite enough but if I go to 0.75 mgs it is too much. Keep in mind not all UGLs are 100% accurate in their dosages even if they try to be. So I could actually be taking half of the labeled dosage and not know because the tablets are really 0.5 mgs even though they say 1mg.

Thanks for spending so much time on explaining this,i cant take half cc 2 times a week cuz i got my test in 250 mg ampules,so i would lit have to throw away half of test from that ampule,i bit off half of adex tab and took it 30 min ago after injection(i took 0.5mg),will see how that goes and will adjust it from that point on.I inject 250 mg every 7 days,will bump up to 500 mg/w from next week prbbly.