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Switching From Aging Clinic to PCP?


I’m working on going on TRT. I’m worried that my endo and general care provider are not going to want to help, and even if they will they will put me on a suboptimal dose and schedule.

My question: has anyone had success starting TRT from one of the anti aging clinics (I have several near by), and then switching to their general practitioner once they’re on the injections at an optimal healthy dose?

Edit: I’m near Seattle – so if anyone knows of a doc in that area that they’re working with, please let me know!


I recommended that you read the finding a TRT doc sticky in your other thread. What have you done?

If anyone has had success switching TRT to a clinic–>PCP, that has no bearing on your prospects unless someone has a reference near you.


Thanks. I believe I found a clinic that has pretty good pricing. I’ll stick with them while I start.