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Switching From a CW To a CT Program


I just performed finished performing three of Chad Waterbury's programs: The Waterbury Method, Triple Total Training, and SOB Training. I experienced some great results, especially from the SOB Training.

However, I want to give one of Thibaudeau's programs a shot, and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions out there? I'm looking for some serious gains in size, as well as some increase in strength. I'm definitely looking for both, but if I would have to choose size over strength in the meantime considering that most programs seem to focus more heavily on one than the other.

I'm 6'0, 190 (I know, I'm working on gaining weight, but it's been rather difficult considering the food on my campus is horrible. But things should change once I go back home next month). I'm looking for an increase in mass and strength. That said, if you guys could direct me towards one of Christian's articles it would be greatly appreciated.


recently, CT have an article called "East European Bodybuilding"
there is sample program inside. and you'll train for strength AND size. not just one or another. And CT also provide some tricks to help you manipulate the program to suit your schedule.
hope you'll get what you want from that article.

the link is here:



Take a look at "The Mutation programs". If you want to focus on a specific muscle group than you can try "Shoulders Overhaul".