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Switching Esters 6 Weeks In?


Hey guys, im new to these forums. Normally i dont goto forums too often but im going to start because id like to get more opinions from guys like me on cycle.

Firstly like i said im new to this so i hope i didnt post in the wrong spot. Id like some opinions on switching test, i have started my cycle with prop and anadrol dosed at about 75mg eod with prop and the drols were 50mg per day but iv finished with the drols about a week ago now.

I was unable to obtain another bottle of prop due to lack of supplies so i was stuck with a bottle of sustanon250 as the sustanon contains 30mg or prop per ml. I didnt know what else to do because i wouldnt be able to receive another for about a week and let my levels drop. My question for you guys is how should i be dosing this??

It seems i would have to dump 2cc atleast to get anywhere NEAR what i was shooting EOD with my prop. Are the other esters in the bottle gonna mess with my cycle?? If im shooting say 1.5cc of sust? Sorry for the long ass read but thanks for the replies in advance.


Well I’m no pro so perhaps some of the vets could give you better advice. But IMO if you have been on Prop And Adrol for 6 weeks I think it is safe to say you have achieved some noticeable gains. And you have two options here.

A. Start your pct protocol and save the Sust-250 for a future cycle which you can start sooner rather than later if you PCT now… Also it will be an easier recovery with a 6 week cycle than a 12+ cycle you will be running if you start the Sust.

B. Run Sust E3D till maybe week 10 or 12 however it’s going to take some time to leave your system due to the longer esters in the Sust.

Also if you do decide to run it try spacing out what little prop you do have left between your Sust shots for the first two weeks to give some of the longer esters time to stabilize…

C. Yolo Sust-250 1 shot every week for the rest of your life!!! muahahahah

If it were me i’de pct and run Sust another time… Or just another cycle in general once I were able to acquire ALL THE REQUIRED MATERIAL FOR A FULL CYCLE!!!



Unfortunately i dont have ANY prop left at all. I want to keep the cycle going even though i have seen some good gains from it. I didnt plan on ending it this early. I have supply coming this week of prop but its been nearly a week since my last prop injection now. Heres how iv been injecting since my last prop shot ATTEMPTING to keep my levels up while im waiting for my bottle.

Last solid shot of prop was last tuesday and was dosed at 100mg. Thursday came around and i ended up shooting 75mg of left over prop with 125mgs of sustanon. Saturday i injected a full 375mg (45mg of prop technically from the sust). Today will be another 375mg injection. I should be receiving my prop so i can ease up on the sust. I eventually want to switch to sustanon but i need to keep the prop up with it until the other esters kick in. So opinion??


Don’t worry about it. It will just mean your levels will be unstable for a while. But if you’re switching to sust then your levels will be unstable anyway as it’s a mix of four different esters. Unstable levels can be a plus in that it keeps your body guessing. If you keep levels constant your body will quickly build a tolerance and gains will halt. That’s part of the reason I don’t favour 12 weeks of test 500mg for first cycles. It’s just not an efficient, productive way of going about things. So yes, switch esters, blast a gram on Monday then nothing for two weeks etc. whatever you like. Experiment.