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Switching Days


I've been training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for several months now. Because of work, training on Fridays is a pretty big hassle. I can do it, but my schedule would work a lot better if started hitting the gym on Wednesdays and dropped Fridays. I'm on a push/pull routine right now. Currently do pusing movements on Mondays and Thursdays, and pulling on Tuesdays and Fridays.

It would obviously be better to split my routine up with an off day in-between. My question is; do you think training four days in a row and then taking three off is a good idea? Will losing one day make a difference in gains?

I know i can just try and gauge the results but this is faster and I'm curious what you guys think.


Why don’t you just do something like…







Provided that you have some spare time during the weekend.

Other than that… Sure you can train 4 days on, 3 off… Just don’t overdo the low-back stressing work and such… I’d personally want a bit more recovery before training the same muscle-groups again, but it depends on what you do, set-wise.

Have a look at fattyfat’s thread in the t-cell. His cluster-training variant could come in handy for this.


And yeah, you could just do a 4-way split or a 3-way split (cycling).


3-way, continuous cycle (another way to do this would be to go Chest+Bis+Tris, Legs+abs, Delts+Back instead)

Mon - Chest, Delts, Tris
Tue - Back, Bis
Wed - Legs , abs
Thur - Chest, Delts, Tris

and you basically keep cycling… Next week would start and end with Back+Bis, the week after with legs+abs… You get the idea.

3-way, not a cycle but instead you train one combination of bodyparts twice a week, every week to bring them up.

Same as above, except that the day that is repeated every week stays the same. Might want to do different exercises for mon and thursday respectively, or maybe not…


mon - Delts(+traps?)
tue - Legs
wed - Chest+Tris
thur Back+Bis


mon - Chest+Back
tue - Legs
wed - Delts+traps
thur - Arms

or whatever combination you like.

Anyway… Hope those two posts help.


Thanks, I like the 3-way continuous cycle. I think I’m going to give it a try startin next month.