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Switching Between Different Routines?

Before I say anything, I know that switching to completely different routines constantly slows down your progress (Doing full body workouts 3x a week one week, then a 5 day split the next week, etc.)

I’ve realized that working out 4 days a week is the best for me. The past week i’ve been doing a 4 day split, enjoyed it but since im a beginner I want to try other things out as well. Would it hurt if the next week I tried out an Upper / Lower body split?

I’m assuming if i’m on a 4 day split that goes

Monday ON
Tuesday ON
Wednesday OFF
Thursday ON
Friday ON
Sat & Sun OFF

and the next week I try an upper/lower split where im ON/OFF on the same days, it shouldn’t hurt my progress?

I want to see how I handle an U/L split like that as I would be hitting body parts 2x a week instead of 1.

2 years old have your attention span. Try to copy a 3 years old(commit for 6-9 weeks).

that’s fine mate, as long as you are doing roughly the same lifts you can still measure progress.

Don’t sweat it. Upper/Lower splits are great.

Splits are a very individual thing, so play about til you find what you like.

Remember the saying though “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” So if you find something that works well, don’t just abandon it because you think there might be something better out there.