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It seems like recently I have been introduced to several good looking, athletic, trainer type women through friends. However, after the fact it always comes up that these people are bi-sexual or “switch hitting”. Is it cool to be this way now? Are these women interested in T-men? What do they look for in either sex?

While this sort of situation might be popularly said to be “every man’s dream”, personally it would scare the crap out of me. How would you compete with another woman? The whole bi-sexual thing is something I just don’t understand.

brider, get used to it. It’s very acceptable today for women to be bi-curious or bi-sexual. Just about every female friend I have and every friend of my wife’s is walking on the bi side. How can you blame em; girls have got so much more to play with than guys. There all soft and curvy and stuff too. I would’nt worry too much though, as my wife says “girls are fun to play with, but they can never replace a real dick”.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. I guess next they’ll be spreading peanut butter on their genitalia and have their dog lick it off. Hey, what ever feels good, right! Noone gets hurt! Ha!

Well the use of “cool” is actually fairly amusing. Several years ago it was the fashionable thing to be BI, just like getting your tongue pierced was etc. However, becasue everyone was proclaiming that they
were now bi, it gave those of us who actually were BI a bad rap, and actually sent us underground as it were…i.e. “Are you BI?”…“no I am a fireman”.

Being BI goes both ways too - being a guy and all [pause for the usual surge of homophobic comments] but it’s far more socially acceptable for a woman that a guy - probably cos so many guys have been raised on porn with token veggie scenes shrugs

As for what BI people look for in either sex? It's like the straight and the gay folks, whatever turns them on personally, physically you're going to want different things [men=dick woman=not dick] but in terms of beliefs and attitudes, whatever fits in with you and who you are.

Am I the only one who noticed that if a woman likes men and women, she is bi-curious, but if a guy likes men and women, he is a fucking dirt-hole licking faggot? :slight_smile:

That’s so true Axy. It’s very unfair. It’s like me playing hockey every season. I usually only score 3-4 goals a season and nobody ever calls me a goal scorer, but suck just one cock and what do you get called.

So, if homos are born gay, are bi’s? And, I believe Moo, that would be called Trisexual.

You missed the point, but I have to call a good one here nevertheless! :-)))))

I got asked out by a girl who supposedly used to be a lesbian. it freaked me out. she was really attractive and i used to like her before i found out she was a lesbian. but i never dated her because i didnt want to end up on jerry springer.

What is there to be scared of??? Just get your rocks off and let them finish it off however they please. You needn’t compete with a pussy. Pussy needs the dick. “Tame the Cunt.”

Geez Goldberg, what sort of comment is “I used to like her’til I found out she used to be a lesbian”. It’s not a disease man. People’s sexual orientations are mutable, they change with context, and time and space. You said you really liked her, you’ve constantly said on the forums how you want someone nice and honest adn attractive and all that stuff and yet at the first sign of something even slightly different you freak. I don’t get it. You generally speak common sense, you appear intelligent - so what’s your problem, sounds insecure.

And as for you Mackley, you’ve already proved you just crawled out from under a rock. So we’ll say it again [slowly, just for you] people are not for using.

Maybe Goldberg is not into promiscuity, maybe he does not want to compete with women in bed? Another thing, I would not say that a person’s sexuality ever changes… I know that mine does not.

I’m confused Axy, how would one’s sexual orientation affect promiscuity (gay male glory-holers notwithstanding)?

Hold up! When i said like i meant like as in i wanted to date her. When i found out she was a carpet muncher i no longer wanted to date her. We are still friends. The word was she had decided against lesbianism and wanted to date me. I didnt trust that and i was right because a month later she was with a girl again. If i had dated her who knows what would have happened. Id be looking around and then all of a sudden i would hear, “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry”

I wouldn’t want to date any dyke either.

Goldberg, fair enough - however, I am gonna try a bit [god help us] of logic.

Now, if this woman had been straight, and had just broken up with her previous B/F and then decided she wanted you [and you found her attractive] would you have decided that you didn’t want her for fear that she would go back to her B/F or another guy??

What I am questioning is whether yuo weren’t interested because she was gay, or becasue you were worried that she would eventually want someone else. That’s what i found unclear.

If a guy’s girlfriend leaves him for another woman, that is humiliating. Her changes in sexual orientation indicate deeper issues I, as a guy, wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

You make a good point. I dont really know how to answer. I think it would be a little easier to handle if she went to another guy but not another girl. that would mess me up i think. i once had a girl that i was talking to. she decided that we were better off friends, much to my dismay. One week later she started dating this guy that ended up being gay. haha. that hurt my pride a little.

I wouldn’t want to date some perv. I’d tell her to stay with her fish eating friends and leave you alone.