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Switched to ED Injections, Not Feeling as Good. Full Labs Inside

Hello. Was taking 75mg Cyp every three days. Felt great on day of injection (after injection) and the next day not as good. Decided to move to ED injections at 25mg/day. Lost libido real quick and also no more strong erections. Just got labs back. I’m thinking it’s possible my estradiol is too high. Because to my untrained eye, the numbers look great otherwise. Previous level before TRT was 307 TT. I was hoping one of you very talented folks could point out to me what the issue could be. These labs were through Defy, but I wont be talking to them again until i pay them for my first consultation which will be 2-3 weeks. So until then, I was able to get my doctor to prescribe 4x1mg anastrozole but I’m holding off on taking it.

Do you have labs on this protocol?

All LabCorp
Estradiol-S: 14.4pg/mL (Range 8.0-35)
Total T: 443ng/dL (Range 264-916)
Free T: 13.3pg/mL (Range 8.7-25.1)
SHBG: 18.2nmol/L (Range 16.5-55.9)

I would have moved to 100mg every 3.5 days.

Well…I had went from 100 a week to 150, a month prior with my docs permission. I don’t want to keep asking him for dose increase. Plus, with my low shbg everything I have read indicated I would respond well to daily injections.

I understand that you would have gone to 100mg every 3.5 days, but are you going to bother mentioning why, what your reasoning is, etc? Then maybe it would be relevant to my thread thanks!

SHBG is borderline low, you need injections EOD unless you want estrogen high. You’re iron deficient, ferritin is very low.

Your TRT dosage is too high, inject 25-30mg EOD, retest in 6 weeks and makes adjustments if needed and use 27-29 gauge insulin syringes in shoulders and quads.

If you haven’t been at the new protocol for about 2 months then you are just experiencing your body adjusting. It sucks but you have to give it time before you feel better (or know if you’ll feel better).

Because I believe it would help the symptoms listed in your original post. You have symptoms of low testosterone, you took some, it helped some. Some guys need more. However, I am assuming you have stuck with your dosing schedule long enough to adjust to it.

Hey @systemlord
Just want to clarify, you are suggesting I go from every day to every other day, correct? Because if I remember correctly you suggested I go to every day :slight_smile: granted, you suggested 16mg ED and not 25. The thinking I have, which isn’t based on anything solid admittedly, is even though I haven’t been on the 25mg daily protocol for long, if my estrogen is already 45, I likely won’t feel that much better if I stick with it for longer, so better to go ahead and adjust and get ahead of it?

Also, regarding the ferritin, is that commonly low? Do you suggest a supplement? I hear it’s easy to give yourself iron toxicity with supplements. Any suggestions?

If you look at the reference ranges you are below range, iron deficiency is indicated by an iron saturation below 25 or a ferritin below 70, will result in diminished intracellular T3 levels. Iron deficiency is shown to significantly reduce T4 to T3 conversion, increase reverse T3 levels, and block the metabolism boosting properties of thyroid hormone.

Iron deficiency will degrade your health and will shorten your life, iron bisglycinate is well absorbed (vitamin C) and you should start out 25mg EOD and retest in 2-3 months. I have had to stop iron supplements twice now do to high levels (in range, high for me ) and am fine, whenever I get anywhere near 100 (59-178), I start having symptoms.

You’ll know if iron is getting high and you’ll be able to reverse course without causing harm. I would do an iron panel, whenever you see binding capacity high, your body is in desperate search of iron. My iron 40 (59-178), ferritin (24), saturation 12% (25-35%) and iron binding capacity was at the top of the ranges, sometimes above range.

Your iron deficiency based of the numbers is far worse than mine, I was in the critical stages of iron deficiency. If you go by sick care reference ranges you will always be in a disease state, there are normal ranges defined by sick care and then there are the healthy optimal ranges.

Imagine that yet another forum member posting daily shots did not reduce their E2 but increased
@wavewrangler, Defy is not going to be happy with your Ferritin. You really need to stop fucking around with their protocol or they will cut you off until your ferritin gets back in range.
Your dick has quit working because your E2 is over range. With a low SHGB you have nothing to bind all that Free E2 I would start taking the anastrozole at .25mg/wk right now. You should target an E2 range of 25-27.
When you do your Defy consult don’t lie they have heard every bullshit line guys can make up. If you don’t tell them everything you have done they will adjust your protocol based on this shitty blood test and you will end up worse off than you are now.

You are paying Defy big bucks I can’t believe you will take advice from randoms on the internet over theirs.

Your TT, FT, and E2 are all high. If I were you, I’d reduce my dose to get all three numbers back in range with the goal of getting E2 down to mid range. You may be overdoing it which could lead to all sorts of issues with your health and wellbeing.

You also have high Total Cholesterol and LDL, and very low HDL. That would be concerning to me. Testosterone has been shown to lower HDL, so your heart may benefit from a lower dose of Test as well.

How’s your blood pressure?

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Look man, I appreciate your feedback but I don’t appreciate your aggression. I don’t know if I was clear, I guess I wasn’t. I’m not on a Defy protocol right now. I will be. I’ve taken the labs and they extended an invitation into their program based on those labs. Like you said, it’s big bucks so I paid for the labs one paycheck and I’m paying for the initial consultation (250) this coming paycheck next week. The protocol I’m on now is just my own thing. My doctor is clueless about Low T. He prescribed it to me and hasn’t said no to what I’ve wanted to try so far. His protocol was 400mg a month if that tells you anything. Random people on the Internet are more in the know than my doc is. I took the .25 Ana last night. Not planning on it being the norm, I just wanted to confirm it is E2. I’m looking at the wife now something fierce so it’s safe to say it’s working. The ferritin, this is the first ferritin test I’ve had in my life. It was a 20 dollar optional add-on test, I’m glad I got it. I will go over everything with them next week and follow their protocol to the…T. Welp gotta go nature calls

Hey, thanks for the reply! I will definitely be lowering the dose. Going to hold off changing anything until I see Defy docs for the first time next week. I know they will want to lower it so I’ll just wait. Or now I took .25 Ana just as a temporary fix. I am really weirded out by my cholesterol. It wasn’t this high before and I had a horrible diet then. I’ve improved my diet so much. I eat fresh fruit. Tons of vegetables, sometimes a pound of raw broccoli a day, lots of salad, ham on rye sandwiches with no mayo. Nothing fried, barely any sweets. Ice cream once a week with the misses. You get the idea. I also started spinning an hour a day never miss it. It’s so bizarre to me that I feel like they mixed the HDL up with the LDL cause I feel like it should be opposite. Is that possible? Blood pressure is great, was checked yesterday at a routine appointment. 116/66 yesterday and right around that in June and May.

As far as your lab tests for cholesterol go, anything is possible I guess, but it’s unlikely they mixed the numbers up. I’m not sure it’s possible to have HDL as high as 145. A really good HDL number for men would be in the high 50s… maybe 60. Your diet sounds great! Keep in mind that sometimes issues with cholesterol are genetic. The fact that your blood pressure is very good mitigates the concern somewhat, but If it were me, I’d talk to my doctor about the cholesterol. If diet, exercise, and lowering T dose don’t improve your cholesterol, you may want to consider going on a statin drug. Of course, this discussion should be had with your doctor. Good luck getting dialed in. You’ll get there, but it may take a lot of trial and error.

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