Switched to a TRT Clinic

I called a trt clinic and I’m thinking about switching from my endocrinologist to them. In the las 7 months I been on trt I havent felt any better, he doesn’t even test for anything else then total t and I’m the one who actually asked him to test me for estradiol because he only tested me for estrogen once. I was doing 50mg twice weekly subq but feel horrible maybe it’s subq making me over aromatize. But anyway the doctor on the clinic once I explain to him I was taking 100mg a week divided in two shots told me that was small dose for my age and that I need to be higher than that maybe at 200mg a week. Now I have heard about this places tryin to over medicate you and that’s the first thing that piped in head but I’m fed up with doctors that don’t know much about testosterone I might give this clinic a shot at least they tested me for stuff the other doctor never even bother to look at.

This is a bad sign you are headed to yet another incompetent doctor, age has nothing to do with dosage, dosage is dependant of biology. I’m willing to bet your SHBG is very low and why twice weekly dosing isn’t working. I have low SHBG and twice weekly dosing produced mediocre results.

You should give Defy Medical a consideration, they do not staff fake doctors.

What is defy doctors?

Defy Medical is telemedicine clinic that treats men with endocrine disorders remotely, medicine is mailed to you.

How can I reach them?

I cannot provide details here, but you can Google Defy Medical to produce a phone number. There are a lot of members here that are with Defy Medical and very happy with them, myself included.

Alright thanks

Hi All – I’m at a clinic right now and they’re okay, but I know I’m paying a lot of money for things I don’t need (pass on HCG and AIs even though I’m paying for them because we’re all charged the same flat monthly rate), and not getting all that I would like (full bloodwork, experts in the field).

I am going to switch, likely to Defy, but before I go to Defy I feel like I should ask if anyone knows of any other Telemedicine based TRT Drs.? Are there other options besides Defy I could check out? I heard that Dr. Keith Nichols does telemedicine but can’t find anything about that on their web site (and they didn’t answer my inquiry).


Defy Medical is the cheapest option, Dr. Keith Nichols is a little more expensive. There is also Dr. Rob Kominiarek who is a sport medicine/hormone doctor and an excellent one at that! He can direct your protocol without lab testing and go based off your systems, not many doctors can do that.

Imagine a doctor that listens to you and doesn’t fixate on lab numbers.

How much does Defy charge?

Defy on average is $1200-$2000 depending on services, like HCG and anastrozole adds up. If on TRT only, lower cost. It’s pay as you go, which great it’s not all up front.

Is that a monthly basis? Just looking for TRT and test analysis.

No, ppl are interested in what clinics like that charge. Many ppl here seem to really appreciate their services. Ppl like myself haven’t reached out to telemedicine clinics like them that specialize in it. Sure, I can reach out to them, but messaging a fellow forum member that has already dealt with them saves about a week’s worth back and forth time.

Funny I just recommended a Dr in Ohio in another thread, no mention of Defy. The next time someone recommended Dr. Keith Nichols, I hope there are no double standards.

@theMyth, this is hypocrisy.

Not sure how to take this

Of course, I take it personally, lol, which might indicate I need some Adex.

My point, poorly made, is this; there are many, many, many men’s health clinics, but Defy is overwhelmingly mentioned on these boards. And, I don’t think telemedicine is the best answer for the vast majority of TRT users.

I started my TRT journey with Restoration Men’s Health here on Long Island and had a fantastic experience with them. I got to see a PA in person, met the owner, an MD, was invited to play golf with him, and they treated me like gold. And, they took my insurance, granted, I have very good insurance.

I think more generic advice would be mo betta - something like if money is an issue, google “Men’s health clinics near me” would be a good start. To default to recommending a specific provider that does not take insurance feels like a disservice. I could be wrong - there is a first for everything, lol.

Eventually, I got over my infatuation and obsession with TRT and found an Endo that doesn’t know shit but is happy to write me a script and let me self inject. He never tests anything other than my Total T, but I see him every twelve weeks and get a new script - $25 co-pay, five dollars for 12 weeks of Test C.

If I’m feeling wonky, I’ll ask him to test for E2 or whatever, or go to a private lab and get my own tests done. I do have a little more work to do if I get off the rails, which I haven’t, but it works. I know I am blessed in that I just shoot 100mg E5D and don’t have to do anything else, but I don’t think I am a snowflake.

I recognize hormones are complicated for some people, but for most, IMO, it’s pretty simple once you get past the initial learning curve.

The constant recommendation of Defy just feels cultish to me, and a dick doctor makes a bad guru.

Just sayin’.


This is more than fair, I only know of Defy and a few face to face doctors that are scattered around the globe, but when a guy wants to deeply investigate why T is low, I almost never recommend clinics.

It’s a cult thing with me, my issue.

My experience with one clinic was good, so I’m not really qualified to speak generally.

I am also looking to switch clinics but curious as to how that is normally handled. Would I have to come off the therapy from my current Dr to be tested again to prove I need the therapy again or do most honor tests from other clinics?

You just need blood work either showing you low or TRT lab work with zeroed out LH

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Man, I am still wondering if you are an owner at Defy.

Anyway, for any interested, there are laws pertaining to telemedicine and almost every state requires a face to face with the patient before moving to telemedicine. Also, I believe it is all but one, states require the doctor to be licensed in the state in which the patient resides. That requirement is satisfied/waived when the patient travels to the doctor’s office to establish themselves. You may recall when some doctors are recommended (for example Keith Nichols) it is noted that you must travel to him for the initial visit. I think Jon Crisler had a similar requirement as well.

Don’t believe me? Read for yourself:

We can debate the value of a face to face relationship with the doctor vs a situation in which the patient has never met the doctor, but that is not my intent here. Regardless, legal is legal and many of the internet TRT clinics are operating illegally. I’m an not saying they cannot be, or are not, successful in treating you or do not provide a service of value, just that I am skeptical from the start when the doctors are breaking the law.