Switched to 2x Weekly. Libido Vanished

Searched the forums and web to find my issue w/ no luck. 39 yo, Test cyp only for 4 years now. I was injecting 200mg every Monday for couple years and mid week libido and energy great but by the weekend I felt the big drop in all that. After reading and watching all I could find thought my solution would be split dose & inject mon and thur. Been doing that 3 weeks now and energy and mood been consistent which is nice but my libido has vanished. Could care less if gf gave it up or not…wtf! Been contemplating going back to the roller coaster ride of emotions just to get my libido back but before I did wanted to see if anyone knew if I should go a little longer on 2x weekly or knew what might be the cause. About to switch to an actual HRT dr but I’m self pay so having to wait till next month but want some help/ guidance now if anyone willing.

I’m sure others will be along to ask about labs, etc but … 3 weeks in is very early into a protocol change. Give it 8 weeks at least and re-assess.

FWIW, I’m coming up on my first year and started at once/week and had the roller coaster effect too. Switched to 2x, then 3x per week and flattened the curve. I’m not sure I can tell the difference between 2x vs 3x in a week but both are definitely better than 1x. Some like EOD or even every day, YMMV.

It’s a process, not a light switch - accepting and working within that is the biggest issue I’ve had w/ TRT because I’m naturally impatient

This is expected after dosing changes since hormone levels become unstable which require four to six weeks to stabilize do the half lives of the cypionate/ethanate ester.

You changed your protocol. Ride it out. It will all settle down back to normal.

Thanks for the feedback. Gives me hope and I’ll just give it more time then.

Just an update. Kept going with same twice weekly schedule and the libido did come back. Thanks again for the input.

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