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Switched From IM to Subq

I got quite low shbg so i was taking a lower more frequrnt dose of im test cyp shot. 20mg eod And this brought my free test to just over or just at my labs maximum upper limit and it brought my total tedt to 75% of its max upper limit. E2 was a challrnge to control however. It often went too low or too high

So…i decided to switch to subq for 2 reasons
First being hopeful e2 control vs IM route and second being way way less holes in my glutes. Doing an IM shot eod into the butt is a hell of a lot of holes!

So my current protocol is 10 to 12ml or mg of test cyp into stomach fat every day

Will update in a few weeks or so …
Hope this works out better!
If anyome else esp with lower shbg is on a similar protocal pls let me know what u r doing and how it went. I heard guys with low shbh are better off with daily low (under 15mg doses) as this will mimic what the human body produces in a natural state and will allow us to utilize more test instead of it converting right away to e2 or making free test go too high thus introducing side effects.
That threat i found from on this site from some dude i forgot. But im gonna try what he said

Can someone explain why low SHBG is bad? If I could have normal total T levels while simultaneously having high free T levels, I would throw a party.

Either way, if for whatever reason you don’t want high free T, then wouldn’t lowering your total weekly dose be the easiest option? Because it’s the free T number that matters. If your total T was low but you had great free T numbers, that would be great, as the total would be meaningless at that point.

Low SHBG is generally caused by fatty liver disease, androgens aren’t being metabolized effectively and their excreted faster than necessary without enough SHBG to bind to them. Also there’s a theory that low SHBG men tend to excrete most of their T into their urine and that’s why more frequent injections help to prevent this.

Thank you. Is there a theory of the reverse? I tend to have high out of range SHBG.

Just found out I have fatty liver based on the ultrasound and would explain why losing 10 pounds increased my SHBG 16->22. This also slows down the process of the liver excreting E2 out of the body.

Mike is correct, liver is an important for not only metabolizing testosterone, but also estrogen.

When SHBG is low, less testosterone binds to it increasing free hormones, free estrogen.

This is why low SHBG men tend to have anxiety issues.

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What would some of the other causes of low SHBG be? I’m fairly fit, 6’1” 187lbs, sitting around 14% body fat. My liver panel was clear. Never had an ultrasound of it though, and my mother has NASH.

Become obese and insulin resistance will lower SHBG, though hardly a recommendation.

I wonder if my NAFLD slows down metabolism of caffeine. Caffeine affects last many hours for me that i can’t drink it after 8 am or I can’t sleep at night.

Same with medications. I remember a muscle relaxer have extended affects
Btw you can read your imaging report to see how bad the FLD is. Mine I believe said mild. @systemlord

Intermittent fasting seems to help me

I too have NAFLD. It has reduced some since working out more often but still present. I guess this is the reason to why my shbg is low. Right now im trying to figure out which protocol to use
20mg eod im. 30 mg e3d im. 10 to 12mg every day subq.

I was on 20mg eod im and my numbers were good but the nuisance of injecting every other day into the butt was getting tiresome and also all those holes bothered me. Perhaps i should start rotating from buttcheeks and start going into shoulders as well?
For the guys who are doing every day or every other day shots…im sure they are rotating all over butt thighs and shoulders and not just sticking to their buttcheeks.

Interesting, I have low SHBG and also notice I’m very sensitive to the long lasting effects of caffeine. My hangovers are absolutely brutal and can last several days too (which obviously doesn’t help the liver)

I rotate butt cheeks, shoulders and quads IM e2d. Don’t love it but it’s the best protocol I’ve found. Tried subq into belly fat e2d and was very very bad.

doing subq 30mg daily.=5units in insulin syringe . Pricking around umbilical region.

Damm 30mg a day? Thats a lot

What gauge amd length syringe do u use and is it all the same for every area or do you use different size syringes for different areas? Thanks

Just to add…i have issues with caffeine as well extremely sensitive and effects last a long time. I really want to try stim pre workouts but for this reason i dont. It will prob make me so sick and possibly make me have a bad panic attack

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Also low SHBG and have zero tolerance for stimulants. I get ramped up even if I have dark chocolate with some caffeine in it. The last time I drank coffee I couldn’t sleep properly for two nights in a row. I don’t dare touch it now.

I’m 30 now, in my early 20’s I could consume tons of caffeine and it had no effect but making me feel energized and creative. I wish I had blood work from back then to see what changed over the years…

Bro im exactly the same. I use to think it was from doing too many stimulants in my teens and early 20s but now im thinking its from fatty liver. Im so sensitive to stimulants. They scare me. I try my best to avoid them. Even a regular tea kept me up for almost 2 days.

I did no drugs younger. And could never handle coffee. I enjoy it. But I suffer when I can’t fall asleep. Hypothyroidism can cause low shbg. I should be going in thyroid medication this week. Can’t wait to take labs in a few weeks to see what changes

I use 25g needle 1" for quads and delts. Sometimes a 25g 5/8" for delts. For Glutes either 23g 1" or 1.5"