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Switched from Cream to Test Cypionate

I was on 60mg of cream for around 7 weeks and upped to 100mg the last 2 or 3 weeks. I’m bottom 1/3 range of tt and ft.

Switched to test cyp today. 100mg (50 every 3.5 days).

Just wondering if I should expect to feel worse for 6 weeks or since I was already on test cream, the adjustment would be quick?

The T cream will clear out quickly and you may experience a sort of crash because the cypionate must build up in your system to reach therapeutic levels which takes 6 weeks.


If yiu still have a some, I don’t think it’d be the worst thing to use a little bit of cream during the transition.


Hmm? I never thought of that.

Yes better do that otherwise you will go to terrible levels

Here’s some labs @dbossa …first one from May after being on testogel for several weeks. Next 2 labs from July after being on cream, which was clearly to low of a dose… especially for non-scrotal.

Probably get labs in 2 weeks. That’ll be about 8 on 50-55mg every 3.5 days. Not much for morning erections and soreness creeping in. I’m curious as to where I am in ft and e2. Probably somewhere in the middle.

So these are labs of a protocol you aren’t doing anymore… Right?