Switched from Cream to Injections; Snoring Keeps Me (Us) Up

Ive been on TRT (cream) since 2017. When I first started, it felt like it was working well (in Florida). We moved to Colorado about 3 years ago and all my bloodwork over the years continued to shows my test levels low (400 ng/dl) on 5 “clicks” of the cream. On a consultation call with Mike @ Defy Medical back in December of 2021, suggested I try injections since they’re much smaller than I though they would be (27 ga insulin needles). I made the switch to .9ml split into 2 weekly injections per week and am now about 2 months in.

I immediately noticed a difference, I had a better outlook on life and had a bit more energy. As the weeks went on, I felt stronger in the gym and have been breaking some of my own personal records. Along with this, came some sleeping issues. I used to occasionally snore, but now its really bad, bad enough that I sleep in the spare bedroom so at least my wife can get some rest. Nights where ive had any alcohol and its even worse.

Im 42, 6’4” and currently 275lbs, which is the heaviest ive ever been. My workouts through the pandemic were spotty, I drank a lot and gained a bunch of weight (~30lbs).
Im unsure if this is all temporary while my body adjusts, or if additional protocols need to be added. Ill reach out to defy, but it might be too early to get accurate results as im only 2 (edit - months not weeks) months in.
Any thoughts out there on how to try and sleep better?

Yeah, wait it out. You just started and your hormones aren’t even steady yet.

I thought I have read that with injections you are more likely to develop sleep apnea than if you are on cream.