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Switched from Barbell to DBs


I have done for last 2 months barbell training, 10x3/90' rest and 85% of 1rm then I have switched to dbs,not used it since I started lifting,some years ago...
I discovered a 30% plus loss of loads used,not very happy of this...

yes,i know hypertrophy is the key and not the loads but...until now my strenght increased and so size so i really don't know if continue to use dbs (is a pain in the ass training alone and lift alone the dbs...can't push to limit as can't use safety bars etc etc),i feel my muscles more stimulated (on dbs bench i do a pause/dead at the bottom) but then I watch the bb with melancholy LOL
did someone switched to dbs with success (more size than with bb)???



Both have pros and cons. Why don't you just use both?


2 whole months?

Good luck with the db's.

Will it be cables in 2 months?


Take some duct tape to the gym. Tape a dumbbell to each end of the barbell and there you have it; DB/BB in one movement.


I know English isn't your first languange but it was painful to read your post.


not really,never done many pumping/accessory work as my few bb/dbs working sets leave me really toasted!


did some changes,I hope it is more clear now.