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Switchblades, Dirks, Stilettos and Daggers


One of the differences between free states and everywhere else is that governments in free states trust its law abiding citizens with pointy objects. Thanks in large part to Jenn Coffey, a NH state representative (and Free Stater), New Hampshire completely repealed its knife restrictions, at least with regard to its law abiding citizens. It's still illegal for felons to carry deadly weapons and it's still illegal to stab someone.



Wait so when I go to Hampton Beach and do my stroll through the boardwalk I can buy a switchblade now? I love their boardwalk I've picked up a couple of stun guns and other "equipment" for my personal collection. This will be great I'll go to Chris' Comics and buy some cheap trades and a figure or two, go over to Seacoast Tattoo get a new addition to my canvas maybe go to leather and lace check out the articles in their magazines then drive over to the beach and the arcades.


I used to live on North Beach in Hampton. Very nice place to live, especially in the summer. It's a bit desolate in the winter.

My girlfriend and I still ride out to Hampton Beach to hang out at Wally's Pub, especially when the Bars are playing.

If you pick up a switchblade in NH, what happens when you drive back home to MA?


I park far enough away from the boardwalk no one knows what I drive, I throw my contraband in the trunk until I get home no cops pull me over, and even if they do I have to let said law enforcement officer look in my trunk.


Damn beaches in NH, thats got to be some cold ass water.


Although we've had this discussion before, New york was a shithole until Giuliani stopped trusting us with deadly weapons.


Sweet, can't wait to go home on leave now!


Switchblades are a stupid idea. Moving parts can break, if allowed use a fixed blade for defense, if not get a quality folder.


Yea I was never a big fan. Some of these folders they got out open so fast it don't matter anwyay.

I carry a knife everywhere, everyday, except when I have to go to the courthouse. Nothing big or intimidating, just a good folder, but if I did happen to get in some shit, it would even the odds very well for me- any blade does.

I firmly believe in the right to carry knives. If you kill somebody with a knife, it takes some dedication. Ain't like pullin a trigger... which makes me believe people are more responsible with them.


It wasn't until NH removed all restrictions on law abiding citizens that I realized how many states have restrictions on carrying a fixed blade. In many states, folders with a blade longer than 3.5 inches (measured from the blade tip to the handle, not just the sharpened edge) is illegal. Of course, in some states carrying any knife is illegal.



That's why I carry a folder guys. The Pa. statutes are a little murky on what is legal, so I carry a simple folder. If I was sure, I would carry a small fixed blade knife int he 3-5" range.

And as Irish said, folders open up as quick as with less worry than an automatic. But again, fixed blades are already open.