Switch Whey Protein to Metabolic Drive?

Alright, I am thinking about dropping pure whey from diet entirely. Right now I only take pure whey for pre and post workout. What are everyones’ thoughts? Should I switch to Metabolic Drive? Thanks.

Well I dont see a real prob with it. I use Metabolic Drive all times except peri workout in which I use Surge ( Hydro Whey and Carbs) for the fast acting carbs and aminos.

So sure its a difference between Very good and optimal. The Metabolic Drive being optimal all times except peri workout in which it would be very good. Add in Surge then or a Hydro. whey and carb beverage and you got optimal.

Not sure that helps but thats my 2cc.

I am just thinking about simplicity. I would probably not use Surge if I switched though.

Any other thoughts?