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Switch to Tren?


hey guys ,

 im currently in my fourth week of my twelve week cycle of 750 mg/wk sust250 and 400 mg/wk drostonolone.i gained about 9 pounds till i hurt my lower back last week picking up dumbells off the bottom rack. Being hurt i lost about 4 pounds and i dont think my full strength will be back till next week.That being said i was considering switching my masteron to tren acetate 350mgs/wk  for the last six weeks of my cycle for some quick gains. anyone see a problem with this?I know tren shuts you down pretty hard but i did my first shot(250iu) of hcg today and will be doing so twice a week up untill pct.


Why not run both?

But if you have to choose one or the other, I would always pick tren over masteron.


well with the tren being inj ED and the sust being inj EOD I dont think i would wanna do anymore pokes per day.i cant stack in one needle because of high ba content in my gear:(I think ill see if my pharmacy has( bacterial static oil)? and try to cut it.my source said something about cutting gear with b12?anyone heard of that?


isn't b12 in water not oil? if so, it wouldn't mix with the AAS oil and I don't think it would accomplish what I think you're trying to do.


why not shoot tren EOD?


Much more unstable blood levels with EOD injections. acetate is a very fast releasing ester.


I thought ace and prop were pretty close, if not how much faster is Ace from Prop?


prop should also be shot ED in my opinion


everything should be shot ED if you want the MOST stable blood levels....yet most say that prop is okay EOD but Ace ED, Im just curious how much slower prop cleaves off than Ace


Its hard to fine a straight answer to this, but take what you want from the following:

I've seen ACTIVE-life reported as low as 3 days.
I've seen half life reported as low as 24 hours for acetate.
I've also seen half-life reported as 2 and 3 days for acetate, and 3 and 4.5 days for propionate. General rule, inject at half the half-life.
Acetate ester has 2 carbon atoms, propionate has 3. Enanthate has 7 carbon atoms as a reference point.

You'll come across a number of forums that have this list that is wrong saying that propionate has a shorter half-life than acetate. That is not true.

Honestly, the most convincing is the endless accounts of sides being much worse when people switch to EOD constantly coming in and out of being "on" trenbolone, as opposed to providing a steady stream which leads me to always think that ED is best for it.


im three days"on" the tren and i feel like a champ already!back is pretty much fine!I love this fu@#ing juice!!!


I have run tren/prop cycles with ED and EOD injections. ED was definately easier on me as far as sides. With EOD injections I experienced more episodes of insomnia and night sweats. Waking up drenched in sweat, if I could even get to sleep at a reasonable time in the first place really sucked.

Of course, not everyone experiences this so you might be fine with EOD.


I've heard from most people they have a similar experience as you experienced with ED vs EOD.


When gear has a high BA content I heard of sticking an 18g needle in the vial for ventilation and standing it in boiling water and heating until the boiling temp for BA is reached in an effort to lower the levels. Does this hold any water? I just thought it was interesting and I wanted to know if any vets out there have heard anything about this method.