Switch Shoulder Press for Incline Barbell Press?

So, i’ve bin considering switching out shoulder press for incline barbell bench.
The main reason, is i don’t like shoulder press. Obviously if there’s a big reason you guys could give me not to do this i won’t.
Thanks for the advice!

by “shoulder press” I assume you mean the standing barbell “press”. First figure out why you don’t like it - typical answers are “it hurts” or “I can’t lift as much weight” or “I want to work my chest more than shoulders.”

The Press has huge carryover to the bench press. The Press is an awesome movement and when done correctly can drastically improve shoulder strength and stability.

I suggest improving your Press, not replacing it.


I’ve had my right rotator cuff repaired. Afterwards, I vowed never to Military Press again, but I do perform the leverage shoulder press. It’s a machine and simulates overhead pressing. If you hate Military Press, give the leverage press a go.

I would generally tell people to keep the press in your training until you hit the bodyweight or so. It helps in life to be strong (you don’t have to be "900lbs squat strong), in shape and mobile. Having a strong press is part of the process.


Don’t drop it. I don’t have it as a main movement right now because I found close grip bench does more for my bench but I still press (of some kind, log often because it feels good) every week, after my comp bench. My shoulders thank me for it, plus pressing is plain fun.

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