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Switch from Testopel to Injections - Advice on Vials


I have been on Testopel for almost 3 years now. 14 pellets every 3-4 months. Not having issues but decided to try injections for a few months. My only issue with the pellets was the week long recovery.

My doctor prescribed cyp .5cc twice a week sub q. He prescribed it as a 10ml bottle that should last 10 weeks, but my pharm is telling me they have to give me one month worth of 1ml vials due to some 28 day rule on the multi use vials. Is this bull, should I push for the 10ml bottle or go elsewhere? Seems like a waste of money and time to go back each month.

Thanks in advance.


If doc scripts for 10ml, they should fill it. T has 0.9% benzyl alcohol and is extremely stable. T cyp cannot support bacterial infection and there is no water, so nothing can grow there. If bacteria in introduced to the vial, the alcohol kills it soon after.

They may be confused by water based collectables; and they can be very stable with BA water too.

0.5cc tells us nothing, is that 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml?
Always report doses in mg and iu etc.

200mg T per week is wrong!

Self inject 50mg twice a week
0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections
250iu hCG SC EOD to preserve testes

With above, 10ml vial lasts 10 weeks.

Most people get 10ml bottles, investigate what pharmacy is stating. Ask other pharmacies too.

Where are you located?


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Unfortunately this has become more and more frequent recently due to something called USP 797 dealing with some 28 day rule, I was given all small 1ml bottles on my last rx fill. What a pain.


He prescribed 200 mg/cc, 1 vial = 10cc
Inject 0.5_ cc IM Q 3-4_ days.

I am in the Houston area, using an HEB pharm. I used to take arimidex before TRT due to fertility doctor trying to use it to boost sperm count. I hated t and had side effects taking .25-.50 twice a week. Arimidex can be some nasty stuff. Also, not taking HGH. Not really sure it’s needed if I don’t care about fertility anymore and don’t want more kids.


It seems very rare that guys have direct sides from Arimidex/anastrozole. Most of the sides in the literature and from guys is from E2 that is too low and that is a problem of dosing, not the drug.

Do more homework as I suggested. You can also have Rx filled out of state and shipped to you from compounding pharmacies. I get 12ml vials 200mg/ml.


USP seems to be discussing how vials are managed withing a compounding pharmacy. If the compounding pharmacy is opening a vial for use in making or repackaging, the guideline applies to that vial used in the pharmacy, not a sealed multi-dose vials delivered to the consumer.