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Switch from Prop to Cyp


I have been on prop 500mg/wk ED injections for 4 weeks now, and I got some cyp that I want to switch to. I am going to inject the cyp on Mondays and Thursdays. How long should I still use the prop for until the cyp kicks in, I was just afraid of them overlapping. Some places say 3 weeks, some say 2, and others say 4.


Prop leaves the body after a few days and people start feeling cyp after ~10 days.

If you slightly overlap I doubt anything will happen. Plenty of guys pin 1g/week test right from their 1st cycle and are fine


all steroids work straight away as soon as there injected there in your blood stream there working you could overlap a week if you wanted but i dont see the point just pin your cyp 2 days after @ 500 mg then continue on as you were planning too


Test Cyp takes at best 10 days to reach a theraputic level in the blood stream. Some sources say even 14 days. Prop takes about 72hours to be essentially gone hence why a EOD day pin is needed at least. Which means if he pin Prop on Monday then stops it cold turkey and begins the cyp it will not be to level for almost 2 weeks at which point his test levels could very easily crash. in between that time if only for a few days no need to deal with that. STOP GIVING ADVICE.

OP pin the Prop for about 2 weeks after the first cyp dose to ensure stable levels.


in theory, a frontload shot of the test cyp would work too, although I'm not sure if I really trust frontloading anymore...


Sorry to hijack op but yogi what is your issue with front loading?


I'm just not so sure it does a helluva lot anymore. I bought into the science and gave it a try my last couple of cycles, but I honestly can't say that there was any difference. If you read a few other boards, you actually see a lot of people saying the same. Frontloading is only really popular on this board.

Our resident Olympian Shadow Pro doesn't like it, and I seem to remember Walkway saying that the only thing it'll do is mean your myostatin upregulates sooner.

Whatever the case, I don't think I'm going to bother with it anymore.