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Switch from Letro to Raloxifene for New Gyno?

I’m 32 year old male. I ran a cycle of black stone labs chose 1. Went well no sides til about a few weeks after pct. I ran research liquid Nolva. Noticed sensitivity in my nipples and a very small knot under my left nipple. I strated Letro 2.5mg ED for the last 3 days. Since, I have read lots of things about raloxifene and new onset gyno… my question is this. … I have these on hand , Letro , Nolva , Raloxifene… what is my best coarse of action?
Any suggestions is appreciated thanks in advance. .

Do you understand how aromatase inhibitors are different from SERM’s?
Why are you thinking that it is ‘one or the other’ and not both?

Due to nolva reducing the effectiveness of letro

This is false. They do entirely different things, there is no reduction in effectiveness by using both concurrently. This rumor was probably started by someone running research chemicals bought online that was either underdosed or just plain bunk.