Switch from Arimidex to Aromasin

Yea, I’ve been on TRT for years and cannot avoid high E2 swings that kill my libido. I’ve had some moments feeling fantastic on TRT but I always end up with high E2 based on labwork… I’ve decided to give a small dose of AI a shot and it’s helping. Some ppl need it it appears and I think a tiny amount to keep it in check is worth a try.

Very frequent injections didn’t help me, smaller dosages didn’t help. I’m experimenting all over the place to see what works.


That is correct. Free t converts to e and Dht and that is why you increase Free t when you Block E or DHT.

Most websites will say Free t exerts xyz effects, but it never tells you what it converts to. The reason it exerts those effects is because it produce those two hormones.

A bit off topic, but i feel its important since you asked the question… i hope some folks read it and realize what this means.

The production of estrogen in a male body is a completely normal and necessary process. Estrogen is required for the healthy physiologic functions of your brain and other important organs, including:

  • Erectile function and sex interest (new research shows E in the brain produces this desire effect)
  • Maintenance of bone health
  • Regulation of fat mass vs. lean mass
  • Brain functions
  • Lipid metabolism
  • Skin metabolism

They didnt add that its cardio protective. I forgot the experts name, but he used to repeat the fact that E is what protects the endothelial lining (heart and cardio health). Without this lining you have zero defense. you can google what this is.

I bevelive this is why the medical industry thinks it gives men heart attacks and strokes. These men were problably on AI.

It makes sense if you really dig into it. I know dozens guys over the years, convincing them about this. They all had varying symptoms of high heart rate, cholestoral, blood pressure and anxiety. Some had to try a few times before they stopped the AI, but they all got off and told me their biomarkers all leveled out after a few months. After a few months every single one of them have normal blood pressure, cholesterol, and removed anxiety and etc.

Hopefully some of those guys can confirm here for you.

Yea and like anything too much or too little of something is going to affect the body negatively in different ways. If your estrogen is extremely high there are health risks as well… the goal is to have the correct amount of estrogen.

Nobody is arguing for taking tons of AI and the ppl with anxiety cholesterol and heart issues likely were lowering their E2 too much… The goal should be to keep it in check and at a healthy level where it’s not shooting too high and affecting you negatively… I’ve had the most extreme anxiety and panic attacks in my life due to high E2 early on when my doc had no clue what he was doing and my TRT protocol made no sense.

You got it all wrong. Estrogen wont get too high by taking T. Your body will manage, its based on how you feel. Not what your levels show. You dont manage E. You manage sympto resolutoin. Why is it that everyone is ok with natural t converting to E and not one doctor ever said “thats to high we need an ai” until you actualy start TRT? And noboyd is saying get your E levels into high numbers. Im saying manage your T until symptoms resolve, not what your lab says.

This is much easier than you think. I guess some people want to doctor the shit out of everything. I just want to be healthy and live my life.

I dont have high e2 symptoms, but you would say my lab says i do. Yet i feel fucking awesome and have zero side effects. Including hundreds of other patients who use the same doctor and his mento Dr. Rouzier.

Men have an false fear of estrogen, you actually want more E that comes from T. Not the EDC’s and other nonsense that comes from food , toxins in the air and plastics and etc. that stops the body from actually utilizing or producing hormones properly.

Is this saying low e2 causes breast cancer? Or somehow correlated with it? Interesting

I agree with this. Mostly the conversion to e2. Raise your TT super high but crash e2 and see if you feel any of the benefits of having high TT. You won’t. I think a lot of what we “feel” from higher test is the conversion to e2.

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Yea I dunno I’ve had some real positives with TRT. A few times where I felt fantastic for about a month to two months depending on which time and then that feeling dissipates and I feel moody and libido is shot.

Whenever I have gotten labs once I started feeling awful after the month of feeling great my e2 has been abnormally high… when I’ve been able to lower my e2 through AI or just from stopping TRT briefly and letting my body naturally produce less I felt great again temporarily.

All signs seem to point toward e2 being the issue. I think ppl on TRT seem to run into the issue of assuming what works for them and many other works for everyone. I’m not a doctor but from observing on here it seems that everyone is different from what protocols they need to how they handle e2 or high T

Honestly the “higher E2 just isn’t for me” dilemma will fall on deaf ears around here dude. Save yourself the time and trouble, they won’t ever get it.

Lol it really is bizarre… you’re right, although some ppl are more reasonable than others…

yes. there is some research or studies out there my doctor has told me about. A doctor recently has been inserting T pellets to attack the breast cancer and has been succesfull. I dont know the details, but it is working per my source. Will the cancer industry ever let this become public knowledge? Nope.

I have a family friend and referred her to the doctor who is using this tecnique and well see if she contacts them and it helps her with her breast cancer diagnosis.

I see no reason why not. compared to cancer treatment, a T pellet is like a small injection in comparison. Worth a try.

Shell probably mention it to her western medicine doctor and theyll tell her its nonsense. People trust the current medical industry too much.

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You are on it bro. All we have to do is look at the benefits of DHT, and we quickly realize E covers all the other benefits we experience. Big one is that it protects our heart and organs. i like that, .

I think Test can basically have all the benefits of DHT if it is high enough, and one is finished with puberty. Test (TT and FT) and E2 is enough to feel good at least for me. I know this because (for me) because I am a strong responder to Finasteride, and have high TT, FT and E2, and DHT likely under range. Feel as good as before the Finasteride.

I’ve seen many ppl talk of testosterone as a type of “pro-hormone” to give us DHT/e2. I think that makes some sense

what do you mean by pro hormone?

Something that has it’s action by converting into something else. It’s not a perfect analogy for testosterone, but I see where they are coming from.

So many absolutes stated on these forums. I listened to the no a.i brigade for a year and suffered with side effects and gyno.

I added a small amount of a.i in 1/4mg anastrozole 3x per week. Sorted my sides out, breast growth stopped. More eneergy, happier, less moody.

High e2 isnt for everyone.

Taking an a.i doesnt have to equate to zero e2, and I’m not suggesting everyone needs it.

I did.


Very small % have GYNO.

These aren’t absolute opinions. These are absolute facts on E. AI will cause high blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, heart attack, and more.

If you researched estrogen, you wouldn’t want to take an AI period. Rather You would want to get surgery and get rid of GYNO versus causing your body to lose all the benefits created by E.

Researchers also recently found that E / aromatase in the brain is the cause for libido or desire. Go read that post, you’ll find it in my profile. With this knowledge in hand, why would anyone take an AI . What if the AI is blocking E in the brain, the heart, your organs and brain? You wont know it until its too late, and you might spend your life looking for another solution. When all you had to do was let the body manage your estrogen, like it has since the day you were born.

But no… Many just look on forums and try to over complicate everything. Then argue based on their own experiences, rather than realizing you are a rare occurrence, and many are just way too sensitive to every ailment, and cannot manup and get through it.

Take the data or leave it. theres plenty of proof in the world that E creates majority of benefits you get from T. DHT is the only other benefit you get from TRT.

We know what DHT does.

Estrogen does everything else.

Free t has very little effect on the body when compared to the dht and estorgen produced due to T.

If you know that, then think about it in a simplistic manner and DYOR.

I take 3 clicks of T cream twice a day and its been 2+ years now. I have zero problems. I feel great. My dick works every single day and my wife says the same. Im takin more than most everyone here, and i feel fantastic, and i have zero issues. ZERO. ZERO. NOTHING.

But Estrogen.

I am not buying this one.


Free T is the most potent form of testosterone.

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Enackers- your comprehension of what I wrote is so lacking I cant even be bothered to respond in full.

Enjoy spending your time talking absolute methods to encompass everyone.

I gave a year to allowing my body manage its own esteogen.

My libido is great with a small amount of a.i in my protocol. I’m not saying what works for me is what everyone needs.