Switch from Arimidex to Aromasin

Hi all,

I recently started using arimidex .06 mg twice per week (.125 mg per week) and started feeling better libido wise but I woke up with some bad neck and joint pain and have been noticing joint pain throughout and I know that’s a side effect of arimidex so was going to switch to aromasin.

Anyone who has made this switch, did you use the same dosage or is one more potent than the other?

The joint pain is from lower E2. Both can cause it if your E2 gets too low.

Adex is about 25X as powerful. A 1 mg pill of adex equates to around 25 mg of asin. If you were taking 0.125 mg of adex, you would take 0.125*25=3.125 of asin.

Lol ok then good to know… I’m barely taking any Adex I would’ve thought… I started at .125 twice a week and I was getting eye floaters.

I’m gonna switch to aromasin and start low and move it up as needed

Are you getting these compounded? It is going to be tough to split a pill up that small.

They need to make AI in smaller tabs. The current sizes were designed for women with breast cancer. The needs of guys on T replacement are often a lot less than that. I’d like it if someone offered tabs with about 1/4 what they currently contain, then I can split them into micro doses.

Oh I completely agree… I have been using tweezers and a pill cutter. It can’t be exact but I think I do a pretty good job. Switching to aromasin will allow me to not have to cut it so much since it’s less potent.

I’m gonna take a breather from any AI for a couple weeks and then move to aromasin and start at maybe .25 twice a week

A quarter of an aromasin pill will be stronger than 0.06 mg of adex. aromasin pills are usually 25 mg per tab. So you would be taking 6.25 mg of aromasin with a quarter pill. That is equivalent to about 0.25 mg of adex.

Oh shit I misread you… I didn’t realize they came in that large of a pill… Jesus Christ lol 25 mg is the lowest amount that they come in?

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25 mg of aromasin is roughly equivalent to 1 mg of arimidex.

To equal what you were taking with arimidex (0.06 twice a week), you would take 0.06*25 = 1.5 mg of aromasin twice a week. The issue is that getting 1.5 mg out of a 25 mg tab is going to be tricky AF.

I have tried to create a solution using vodka with adex, but I wasn’t convinced the adex was in solution (a lot of pill material sitting at the bottom), then dosing with a 1 mL syringe. I was going to make it 0.2 mg/mL. Maybe the actual adex was in solution, and the pill filler is what sank to the bottom, but I didn’t trust it.

I am someone who I think feels a bit better with a tiny bit of AI, but it is hard to do with how they dose the pills. If they made 0.25 mg adex pills, or 6.25 mg aromasin pills, I could quarter them and take EOD. But they don’t, so I just take a quarter pill of adex like once a week.

Yea thanks for the heads up… I seem to be in the same boat, my e2 can’t stay steady on TRT and actually more frequent dosing makes me feel worse.

So twice a week injections and twice a week AI is what I’m trying but even .06 twice a week is giving me neck and joint pain… how does once a week work for you? Maybe I can try .06 mg once a week

Worth a try.

It drives my OCD crazy taking a drug with a 48 hour half life once a week, but so far so good. I might try to see if I can do every 4 days, since I do EOD shots, I think I will try every other shot.

I don’t have enough data on myself to be confident with the every 4 day dosing. I have done blood work on TRT a few times (no adex), I have blood work from a blast (was taking 875 mg a week, 250 mg EOD), and that I used adex and finasteride. I was taking 0.25 mg of Adex EOD, and 0.5 mg fin ED. I was surprised how low E2 and DHT was with the Adex and Fin (E2 was double range, DHT was mid high range). Now I am doing TRT with Finasteride at 0.5 mg ED. With Finasteride you convert more to E2. So that is why I am playing around with adex dosages a bit, but trying to be really conservative.

E2 doesn’t scale linearly with TT or FT. It is more like a square root function. So, on the 875 mg of test, I was probably making twice the E2 I am at 175 mg of test. That is why I think every 4 days might be pretty good for me. But I’ll need to confirm that with blood work.

Yea I actually inject every 4 days in the morning and adex .06 every 4 days as well but everyone is different I probably am an over responder if I’m at low E2 on this low of a dose.

I’m gonna take a breather from AI for a couple weeks and maybe try .06 once a week and see how that goes

Have you had blood work on your protocol? Sore joints can be more than low E2 from an AI.

Have you been training harder, or heavier? Any differences outside of the AI?

I have had blood work done throughout my TRT but not yet using AI as it’s been less than a month but was planning on it fairly soon.

I am about 155 lbs very active and fit. I workout 5 days a week but that’s been the case for years before I started TRT. Haven’t changed my weekly workouts since starting TRT or AI. I can’t imagine it’s due to anything other than low e2.

I may get blood work done tomorrow and I’m gonna take a breather from AI for now because the neck pain is pretty bad and my right knee hurts when I run now

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I say be consistent with what you are doing for a bit, if you have been doing the AI as described, then blood work now is fine. I would try to pull it mid way between dose to understand your average E2 level.

If you are say below 25 (range is usually <39 with the labs I use), then I think E2 being too low is the culprit.

Yea I think that makes sense but my mood hasn’t been great lately and joint pain slowly creeping up until today it’s really bad.

I think taking a week or two off and then resuming with .06mg once a week could make sense. No? I’m keeping my TRT dose and frequency as is.

Yeah, that makes sense. Take a few weeks off, then try the 0.06 mg once a week for 2-3 weeks and pull blood work. Try to get the blood work 3-4 days after the AI. If you are pinning twice a week, and take the AI on the first injection, pull the blood work right before your next injection.

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Good advice, appreciate your help

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The aromasin is weaker mg per mg when comparing it to arimidex. I actually tried both and this was my experience.


Estrogen was found in the brain to cause libido. check out the article i posted. you dont need AI bro. you really dont. My E levels are top of range, and i feel great.

estrogen is also very cardio protective. it is what gives you heart health and without it you get high blood pressure, heart attacks and etc.

Common factor of women who get breast cancer is low estrogen.

Recently i found a Dr has been inserting T pellets next to the cancer in the tissue, to kill the cancer. its working.

men and women have the same organs, and varying hormonal differences. however our bodies bascialy have the same features such as skin, organs, hair and other health markers like cholestoral and etc.

T converts to two hormones Dht and E. free t doesnt do jack shit for the body. only the estrogne and dht. now deduce what dht does, and you will realize everything E is in charge of.

Good luck. I hope you hear me.

Really? You’re sure about that?