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Switch Biceps to Push Day?

I’ve read that for growth, biceps are best worked on a non-back day? I wonder if I should switch biceps and triceps stuff where biceps are on chest day and triceps with back? It seems that might give a superset type effect.

Maybe I should do both together on a totally separate day?

My workouts are posted in this forum under the topic “Fat old Man Shrinking.” Have a look and tell me if you think arm stuff can be improved.

Thanks guys!

Unless you are a unicorn with tendons of steel, I think this is a very bad idea. Biceps and triceps tendons are small, and we tend to ask a lot of them with all the heavy pushing and pulling. Thus, they (bis/tris tendons) need time off to recover. I am of the opinion that all pulling (= biceps-involving) exercises should be done on a single day; likewise, all pushing (= triceps-involving) exercises should be done on a single (and separate) day as well.


Someone Who Suffered a Biceps Tendon Rupture Thanks to a Stupid Bodypart Split

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Nope, definitely not a unicorn. Glad you didn’t say horse :stuck_out_tongue:

You had a tendon rupture really? That had to suck!

That article was on a bodybuilding site and it struck me odd when I read it, so I thought I’d ask the question here where I have a bit more trust in the people. Heck, it may have been related to guys using megadoses of gear for all I know.

One movement I’ve not been doing that I need to add back in is chin-ups. There was a time long, long ago when I was able to use added weight to do those but nowadays I need an assist instead. Oh the glory days LoL.

Thanks for the reply!

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I agree, biceps should be on a pull day with back muscles. Pull ups, lat pull downs, face pulls curls and all those in between and you will see good results