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Swissbar, Who Has One?


Hi everybody our gym is getting better and better we have a Fatbar !

Now iam dreaming of an SWISSBAR :

Does anybody here have one or even better has anybody build one!!

I would appreciated very much if someone could give me measurments.


Ummmm... I dont know if i would trust anything other than machined metal over my neck. might as well just buy one from


that way you know it wont get fucked up.

Is a dope bar though. great for OH pressing from my limited experience.



i would loves to buy it from eliteft...

now comes the "BUT"

i live in germany and shipping alone would be 600$!

so iam trying to build one

thanks anyway


My gym has one from EliteFTS. It's a nice variation. I found that it was particularly hard on my triceps and wrists. You have to engage a lot of wrist and forearm muscles to stabilize it because it wants to keep turning over in your hand forwards or backwards.


why would u ever need 18 chains...


I have one from west cary barbell (great custom equipment manufacturer based out of NC)
(If your wondering, Joey Smith happens to be the one pictured on the site)

Awesome bar, spacing is just right.
I use it for all kinds of pressing and rowing stuff. I'm a pitcher so it allows me to take it easy on the shoulder too.


I used one of Tom's when he came to lift at my gym some months back. He did a great job fabricating it and the thing really hammers the triceps on pressing variations.


shitty deal. I wonder if there would be any european suppliers of strength equipment?