Swiss/Football Bar Overhead Press

Coach Thib,

Do you feel that the Swiss/football bar is a decent overhead press variation?

I have seen some argue that it is not because the bar path is too far forward given the width of the bar. Others argue it is beneficial because of the angled (semi pronated)/neutral grip and stability required (akin to a log press but with greater versatility and range of motion).

Also, do you think there are any pros/cons of pronated (conventional barbell) vs angled (semi probated) vs neutral grip overhead pressing for hypertrophy and performance?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried overhead press with a trap bar? Lights up my side delts and really challenges stability on the press.

That’s a solid suggestion and a variation I like! I have a trap bar with handles spaced 26 inches apart which is a fairly wide grip press for my frame (5’8” with short arms, much like coach Thib). The Swiss bar I have has a 30 degree close angled grips, neutral grips at 20”, (my most powerful grip width) and 28” apart

I’ve seen some folks comment positively about football bars with angled grips and may pick one up in the future.

I have a pretty narrow frame myself. Since it’s neutral grip I never find it too straining on my rotators or anything.

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