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Swiss ball

I was doing my workout at the JCC(a family health center) because the gym I work out at usually was closed. I saw a ‘swiss’ ball, and decided to start off my workout with dumbell press on the swiss ball. When I picked up the 80’s, and before even raising the dumbells to the end, the ball popped! , sending me and the weights hitting the ground. Yo i’m lucky i didn’t get hurt. No more swiss ball for me. I now have fear of this thing

You really weren’t on a Swiss ball if it popped that easily. You were on some cheap yogo/fitness ball (that you could probably see through.) A real Swiss ball can hold more weight than anyone could ever put on it. And even if it did get punctured, it won’t burst suddenly, just leak out air slowly. I’ve had the same ball for eight years, a Sissell. Poliquin recommended this brand. No probs.

I will not use anything other than a Sissel brand ball.Where is the JCC,Toronto?

The JCC is in Rhode Island. It probably wasn’t a ‘real’ swiss ball…it was pink, and kinda see through, felt like rubber…anyway, i realize it probably wasn’t the real thing, and i might try a real one someday, whenever i get rid of my fear lol