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Swiss Ball Workouts

I am a trainer and I was wondering what Swiss ball exercises I should use with my clients. I would also like to know if anyone can recommend any good books that demonstrate Swiss Ball exercises.
Thanks to all…

You gotta start with the master Paul Chek, he has heaps of books, videos and his own site paulchekseminars.com

Paul Chek has done some tremendously valuable work in that area - if you use Swiss balls do yourself a favor and buy his videos/books. In faith, Coach Davies

Paul Chek is the master of the Swiss Ball and has great tapes. But, he is a rehab guy and I have found that’s about what they are good for rehab. For athletic training, you need to be a finely tuned athlete, very advanced in training before you will get the results you want from the ball. Most of us need to be able to function properly in a stable enviroment before we can in an unstable one. I think Swiss ball training for a regular athlete is putting the horse before the cart. You want transverse strength in your core, go chop wood or dig a hole. You will become stronger with that functional exercise than you would balancing on your knees on a ball and pulling a cable across your body. We stand on the ball for balance and do situps. However, it makes a great bench for DB press, seated snatches or weighted sit-ups.