swiss ball with kitty

We have a cat at home, she is not declawed, I was wondering if anyone knows that a swiss ball would hold up to some kitty abuse:)

I really good one (Sissel etc) would probably stand up to it, but I think I’d keep the pussy off the Swiss ball.

i have a swiss ball at home and i have found that it is actually a great place for your pussy. it always holds up under pressure and can withstand even the biggest, fattest pussy out there.

Thanks I will look for the good brand, and will only let the right pussy to my balls.

Our cats are scared sh*tless of the large green swiss ball. We use the ball to keep them out of the bedroom. They have a wild look of panic on their faces everytime they see it.

Just to make sure they’re still scared of it, sometimes I push the ball and let it roll silently down the hallway. They still freak out, so that’s good.