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Swiss Ball Training

Ok I was just trying to get your attention but i have a funny story about swiss balls. I buy the cheap ones from walmart to sit at my computer. Well one day i was sitting on my swiss ball and i was holding my cat in my lap. All of a sudden my sisters dog which i was keeping came up and the cat put its claws out and the ball popped. It happened so fast that I didnt know what happened. I landed flat on my ass looking around trying to figure out what had just happened. And then it happened again but this time i was ready and i was able to catch myself. Moral of the story: DONT BUY THE CHEAP SWISS BALLS!
Dave Tate also has a story of doing swiss ball bench presses and the ball burst. He landed flat on the floor and I think they used the anti burst balls.

I don’t know what’s funnier- the thought that Goldberg bought a Swiss ball or the fact that he has a kitty cat. Ok, that was uncalled for and Goldberg is bigger than me. I apologize profusely.

I never said that the swiss ball didnt have some applications. I just dont think we should be squatting on it.

The pussy is scratching your balls, huh?