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Swiss Ball Chair


I dunno if any of you has ever seen one before. But they just rolled one into the gym I go to for the attendant to sit on. I immediately thought the claim would be that it works your core while you sit on your ass. So I did a little search, and here is the claim.

So, now you can get fit by just 'sitting' on a Swiss Ball?

Think I'll place my order today.


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\|/ 3Toes


Saw one of these in my office the other day. It was being used by a lady who had been in a bad car accident and has to change positions every 15 minutes. She's got 4 different sections of work surface at varying heights and chairs/stools to fit each height. The ball chair thing has let her adjust to just two postures - sitting "normally" and standing. It seems not to be an item that "works" your body so much as one that hurts you less.


To tell you the truth I dont think its stupid really. At my dest I am constantly in crazy positions with my feet up and it hurts my back. I bet I couldnt do that in one of those.


The "chair" stabilizes the ball and defeats the whole purpose (for most of us).

Lose the chair and sit on the ball.


That's what I do.

People come into my office and freak out that I sit on a ball.


I thought it has become pretty common

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Bastard Guy says:
you have a job?


Had a coworker a couple years ago who sat on one, and sometimes, when he said something out of control-stupid, Me or my buddy walk over to his desk and kick it out from under him. By the time he left the office we had that fucking ball so tagged up with grotesque sharpie marker images of sexual positions and mindless movie quotes that it was deemed "unserviceable."