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SWIS Symposium

Speaking as a Canadian, all I can say is that its too bad the SWIS Symposium was held in Toronto. That’s the most anal city on the face of this earth.

I agree, although it’s mostly due to the left-wing politicians that the welfare bums and socialist civil servants elect. I’m from Ottawa but I used to live near Gerrard St E and Parliment St. Where are you??

La Belle Province of course (Montreal).

Since when do those from Quebec actually include themselves as Canadians? :slight_smile:

HAHAHA Good point! :slight_smile: I guess that takes away all my bitching priviledges… I guess I just had a bad experianece with T.O. too and wanted to vent (you know, with the currency exchange and passport needed :wink:

I’m glad you took that the way I intended it. Coming from Montreal, you probably wouldn’t be impressed by many aspects of Toronto but one thing it does provide is vast multiculturalism (if you can realize it through the smog:-).

No, the most anal city on the face of the planet (or at least North America)is Salt Lake City. Makes T.O. look like New Orleans by comparison.

Really!!! Yikes… oh well… just because you said that, I refuse to participate at the upcoming Olympic games :wink:

Hey Roman - are you originally from Quebec? - Im currenty in Trois-Rivieres but Im from Alberta. You think the passport issues are a pain coming going out of Quebec to the other parts of Canada - You should have seen the problems I had coming here… :stuck_out_tongue:

The important thing is that we have you now. Sinister laugh Even more importantly we OWN your soul!! There is no escaping the Dark Side. Accept your fate amongst our ranks and BURN your passport… You can no longer leave… :wink:

Hey, you guys in Quebec- shouldn’t you be typing in French? Won’t the language police come and slap a Bill 101 sticker on your keyboard?? Now, watch out for the right turns on a red, I know its very new for all of you. Vive la Quebec!

Sorry Roman, but I have to agree with rubberman on the red light thing. Im really having a great time in quebec, learning the language and culture but not being able to turn right on a red light is killing me!! its so painful sitting there and waiting when there is no cars in sight. And youre right - it is hard to get out - in fact I lost my first ticket home for christmas - Canada3000 - oh well - only $560 that I don`t have.

HEHE . Yes I agree the red light thing is a bore. But I’ll tell you something that is VERY scary in the rest of canada that doesnt happen here. Jay walking!!! (or it is it J? Eiter way u know what I mean :slight_smile: People here will do it ALL the time… And thats normal Hehe. In some other cities I’ve seen the pedestrians stand on street corners without a car for miles and just stand there!!! Waiting for it to turn green. Now thats FUCKIN scary. The first time I seen that I almost shit myself. It was like invasion of the body snatchers or children of the corn. Where people obide by some unknown law. :slight_smile: At first I didnt know what they were doing and I crossed anyways… They looks at me like I had commited a major crime :slight_smile:

X-Man, are you from Salt Lake City? I think you may be slightly wrong, Salt Lake has a long way to go just to get anal.

Yeah, no shit about the j walking thing! I’ve been in Montreal (haven’t we had this conversation?) for about 3 years from a small Ontario town, and when I go home people fucking freak out about how I walk! I’ve been honked at and had cars come to a screeching halt, all because I’m waiting to cross a few feet from the curb. I’m usually worried about getting my toes run over when doing this in Monreal, but Ontario drivers are pussies!

Was it not in Missisauga?

Same shit. Obviously you’ve never been to either location :wink:

Yes I have been to both and I was at the SWIS Symposium last year. I don’t like Toronto much either but what can you do. Missisauga is way better than TO but could still use somework. :slight_smile: