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SWIS Symposium Toronto (Att: Chris Shugart)

Chris I live 20 minutes outside Toronto and was just wondering if anyone can attend and what would be the benefits of attending or will you be reporting on it in the near future.
Im interested in checking it out but am afraid it might be over my head. What can I expect ?
I am familiar with some of the guests and seems cool but how is it it presented? Am I going to be sitting around all day listening to lectures I cant understand? Thanks

All the info you need can be found here:


...and here:


There's a list of topics and presenters at the SWIS site.

FYI - A “life is a circle” example. One of the presenters at SWIS, Dr. Mike Hartle, is my chiroprator. I found out about him through a T-mag forum thread (I think is was from LB in Indy - thanks, man!). He and his wife (Dr. Monique) are both chiropractors, ART therapists, certified strength-trainers and nutrition-counselors, and nationally-ranked power-lifters. In talking weight-training with Dr. Mike, it sounded like he would be interested in Renegade-style training. I printed off a couple of articles from T-mag, and gave them to Dr. Mike. He’s now working through Coach Davies’ mentoring program. Funny how one thing can lead to another…