SWIS Review

After attending the SWIS conference in Toronto Canada this past weekend I am happy to report that some of the guys who write or have written articles for t-mag in the past were front and center. Apetite for Construction columnist John Berardi did a superb presentation on pre and post exercise nutrition. Ian King flew 70 hours from Australia to do a presentation on training to prevent lower body muscle imbalances, and Dr. Mauro D. Pasqueli did a presentation on the role fat and carbohydrate play in combination with training. And from the t-mag staff Chris Shugart was on hand being flocked by avid t-mag readers. In conclusion, it was a knowledge filled weekend with many good presentations. Oh, and I better not forget Bill Kazmier. Damn, he is one strong frying pan rolling man. A to go Kaz.

Yes it was an excellent symposium. 800 people there! Berrardi did great in his presentation. He’s a much better speaker than some of the other experts out there. I talked to Chris Shugart a few minutes and he was very cool and down to earth. It was funny because I saw two guys walk past Bill Pereal (?) to get their pictures taken with Shugs! He was cool about it though and was passing out magazines and T-shirts. Dr. Leahy put on a great show with ART too. He cured a guy right there in front of us. Charles Staley is a great guy to chat with too. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Paul Chek, he always had a crowd around him. I never saw Dorian Yates milling with the public though. Kaz was better about that.

Chris, John, and Lori were very cool and I had a great time meeting some of the readers (none of who’s names I can remember, sorry - one too many head injuries, i think!) Hopefully next year I’ll be able to actually go to some of the presentations! grin

One gripe I had was the ridiculous mob in the hallways. Getting to the head or to one’s room was a pain in the ass having to wade through an ocean of stationary bodies–people clogging the hallway doing their best impressions of oak trees. Then Ian King has people doing floor exercises in an overcrowded room full of a few hundred souls. Cmon Ian…there was hardly room to breath in there.

Michelle, that blonde hottie, was that you?

I hear that the symposium will likely be in a larger location next year. There were 800 people there this year and they’ll probably go over a 1000 next year easily.

Oh, and Michelle is a brunette.

nope, the ‘blonde hottie’ you’re thinking of is probably John’s girlfriend.

Nice! T-Mag writers get gorgeous blondes? Just one more reason to send my resume and letter of interest to you guys when I graduate!

well, chris and john have the ‘beautiful blond’ thing covered anyway, i don’t know about the other writers. so chris…is that a pre-requisite for writing for t-mag?

FYI- I just finished an article on the symposium, complete with pics. Look for it in a week or two at T-mag.

SWIS conference was a blast. Paul Chek is a very professional person. Presentation by Ian King was very good. Bill Pereal
is still big and conditioned.

Did King catch the world’s slowest plane?

I’ve flown from Melbourne to Toronto and its closer to 35 hours total, maximum. Quite a bit less if scheduling is ideal. Maybe that was the length of the round trip? :wink: