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SWIS: Poor Insulin Sensitivity

Hello All,

After re-reading the SWIS article, I started really thinking about one thing that Poliqiun said:

“…omega-3s with every meal to help ameliorate poor insulin sensitivity…”

I’ve noticed that my body seems to process the carbs from fruit poorly, or at least not as well as those from oatmeal or green veggies. My dad has type 2 diabetes but I always figured that was largely because of the years of poor diet and high soda intake. Now I’m starting to wonder if I have poor insulin sensitivity and if I should consider taking omega-3s with my P+C meals (in the AM, I probably wouldn’t PWO). And what the downside would be if my insulin sensitivity is normal.

I just wanted to get some feedback from others that have tried this.

Thanks in advance.

I down 2-3 fish oil caps with every meal. Seems to work for me.

Thanks for your reply.

Are you breaking meals into PC and PF?

Or are you doing more of a zone type diet?

Give it a try for a month or two, see if you feel a difference. It’s certainly not going to do any damage. You could also get a test done - they basically have you drink a really carby solution and see how fast your body deals with it. You might be able to get it done pretty inexpensively if you have a university nearby.


good call by buffalo… if you’re in college it’s only about 10 or 15 dollars to have it tested for you

forgot to mention my dad and my gradfather have type 2 diabetes and despite a really good diet I’m fairly insulin insensitive (I’m 23).

Thanks for the feedback fellas.

Matticus, knowing that you have poor insulin sensitivity, as a rule, how do you apply this information to what you read here? I’m specifically interested in how you would (or have) tweaked a diet program by Thib or Berardi.

Thanks again.

Something else… I realized that my daily EPA/DHA intake is a bit low (~4g per day). I’m bumping it to ~10g per day by supplementing my P+F meals with Twinlab Cod liver oil.

I’m wondering if I should give this a go before adding ~2g of EPA/DHA to each of my P+C meals.

Any thoughts?