I’m thinking of purchasing some the SWIS DVD’s on nutrition by the likes of Berardi, Poliquin, DiPasquale and Serrano.

Has anyone viewed these DVD seminars and are they worth the cabbage?

Okay, maybe this will help:


I cannot praise Dr. Kinakin enough for his SWIS seminars and the value that each presenters bring. While expensive, I would definitely recommend the set. It was on sale a little while ago where you could purchase the entire series of DVDs for a couple of hundred dollars.

Experts like Serrano and DiPasquale don’t get as much exposure in this arena but are VERY bright and insightful. A word of warning though, the DVDs are quite advanced as they are designed for coaches and the like for SWIS.

Let me know your thoughts if you follow through.



Thanks Sasha!

I’ve never heard of Dr. Kinakin before, but I’ll definitely check him out!