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SWIS Day 1

Well, I just finished day one of the SWIS symposium. It wasnt bad, but I didnt learn too much today. The first presentation I saw was one by a Dr. Rakowski. This guy is definitely knows his stuff. He talks a mile a minute and doesnt even have to pause to think about anything. However, I thought the presentation was boring.
The next one I saw was John Berardi’s and I was a little disappointed. Nothing against him however. Anyone who is familiar with John’s work probably wouldnt have learned a thing there, but others in attendance did Im sure. He also seemed a bit nervous. Next up was Mauro DiPasquale, and if this wasnt the most shameless attempt at self promotion, then i dont know what is. It downright sucked. He was pimping his supplement line and didnt really talk about anything. He slammed Biotest as well. Next up was Udo Erasmus, which turned out to be, in my opinion the best one of the day. This guy defintiely knows his fats. All in all, a mediocre day at best. Tomorrow should be stacked. Scott Abel starts the day with Precontest dieting. (ive seen him present before and he is excellent). Next up is Milos on precontest and then Serrano, followed by Lowery to finish up. Ill let you know how it goes. Later