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SWIS Conference?


Is anyone here planning on attending the SWIS conference this year? In case you haven't heard of it, SWIS stands for the Society of Weight Training Specialists and you can find the website at www.swis.ca

2 of T-Nation's own will be presenting (John Berardi and Joe DeFranco), and I'm pretty sure Dave Barr and myself will be attending, too.

Any of you planning on attending?

Stay strong


Coach Staley will be speaking as well. Aside from the aforementioned speakers, the line up looks a little more "thin" than usual...

Ah well, it's the last SWIS ever and should be a good time!


swIs = society of weight-Training specialists?

i wonder why you get labeled as a bunch of meatheads?



I think it used to be Society of Weight-training Injury Specialists.

BTW I might be going, but I have to confirm some other stuff first.


It's Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists, to my knowledge.


They took out the "Injury" from the title, because it made SWIS too esoteric (I'm speculating).

So I guess they have to be called SWS now? Maybe that's why this is the last one...


I went last year and it was great.

I am definitly going this year.

It is definitly worth every penny



I've looked at the calling notice on their web page after I received the automated email posting announcing the event. It's not however an informative posting - there's no agenda, for example; nor a list of exhibitors - both of which would be useful to know.

Do you know the format of the event - is it single session all-day, or multi-session part day?

Nonetheless, I'm certainly considering going, as the subject matter is of great interest - and I know so little. :slight_smile:


I think you are all confused as to the purpose of this convention. It's for the swis-ball people from all over the world.