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SWIS Conference 2005

This is the last year in Toronto. For those of you considering- go to http://www.swis.ca
Ken Kinakin is an excellent guy and puts his heart and soul intoo these workshops.

Tons of top names at a dirt cheap price . .
Paul Chek, Dr. Eric Serrano, Laura Binetti, Chris Aceto and now this:
New Presenter Addition - World Famous Strength Coach Charles Poliquin

A big addition to the symposium line up! World famous strength coach Charles Poliquin has agreed to present. Charles will present on November 5, saturday morning at 8:30am to 10:00am and will discuss his method of assessing body composition and also some of the strategies he uses to decrease bodyfat and increase muscle. He calls it the Biosignature method and it is an extremely powerful strategy. You will see and learn new information that will change how you approach weight loss. Very unique and innovative way on how to assess with skin fold calipers and use strategies based on that assessment.

Hope to see all there !

Just booked my flight today. My girlfriend & I will be there. I am EXTREMELY pumped for the workshops. DeFranco will be there, Dave Tate, CP. It is going to be awesome. See you there!

Crap, I just signed up. Now I see that Hanley is going to be there. I wonder if I can get a refund…

I’ll give ya a refund smartass.:slight_smile: