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SWIS certification

After recently checking out the SWIS website, I discovered that Dr.Ken Kinakin will be offering multiple certifications in the near future.
They will be offered for the following:

  1. Certified Powerlifting Specialist
  2. Certified Bodybuilding Specialist
  3. Certified Olympic Style Weight-Lifting Specialist
  4. Certified Weight-Training Injury Trainer Specialist - Personal Trainers
  5. Certified Weight-Training Injury Treatment Specialist - Doctor/Therapist
  6. Certified Powerlifting/Weightlifting Nutrition Specialist
  7. Certified Bodybuilding Nutrition Specialist
  8. Certified Weight-Training Injury Nutrition Specialist
    Is there a consensus out there as to just how credible these certifications will be? I am highly interested (knowledge/power) and am also planning on going to the 5th annual symposium next Sept.(my first one). So what do you think of this whole certification idea from Dr. Ken Kinakin??? Pro’s/Con’s???

Dr.Ken is one of a kind,an asset to our industry.From my recollection,during his opening speech at SWIS 4 he sais he was consulting with experts on the certification protocol.For example,coaches and athletes would determine what protocol to follow to get a certification,like Louie Simmons for Powerlifting.This will sift out the scumbags out of our industry,far to many people dont know shit about training and is giving personal training a bad name.

Send me 50 bucks and I will also certify you in all 8 areas.

Kinakin is great. The SWIS certifications are going to be awesome. I’ll be getting involved for sure.

Personally, over the years I have been certified out of a lot of things. I have a degree in Sports Medicine, over forty years of weight training experience, countless hours of personal study, but the State of Coneecticut says I can not work as a trainer at a gym or manage a gym without a certification.
Dispite being certified out of several areas of work, I think pursue of knowledge is important. So if these courses will teach you something, but all means take them. Just check to see if these certifications really mean anything. What is the Rate of Return on your Investment? Best of Luck.

The most reputable certifcation out there right now is the ASCM if you want to learn more about testing protacals clinical studies corporate fitness, hospital setting look for ACSM. And the C.S.C.S if you want learn more on sports training. CSCS what pro’s and college sports teams look for also mind in order to take the CSCS you must have a 4 year college degree prefable in Exercise Science or Physiology, Physical Ed. or Pre-med. CSCS is by far one the hardest Certifcation to achieve… Save your money and invest in couple of ASCM or NSAC (CSCS) books. If you want a real certifcation.

what certs do you have fitone?

I have a four college degree in Exercise Science from University of Miami and I am certified through the ACSM and I am planning on taking the CSCS soon… also I have played tennis 4 years in high school 2 years in Miami, werstle in high school 2 years. I have 15 years of weightlifting experince been in the personal training industry for 10 years. whatelse would u like to know?

Obviously they don’t teach grammar or spelling in the 4 year exercise science program or certify communication and writing skills in the ACSM certification :slight_smile:

Sorry english is a second language in my house hold. My primary language spoken in my house is Manderian Chinese so sorry for the bad grammer. I thought I get some good info out to people that need to learn or want. I didn’t expect to be Bash because I don’t speak english that well…

it was HEB not HERB.

Fitone, I enjoy reading your posts. I appreciate your generosity of spirit and the willingness to share your knowledge and expertise. Please don’t stop because some jerk comes along and takes a jab at how you write. There will always be those who need to point out others’ shortcomings to build their own self-esteem.

I would like to think that the free flow of information, the sharing of knowledge and the debating of concepts and ideas is more important than a typo, an uncapitalized word, a misplaced comma or a hanging participle. Myself, I do the best I can from memory, since the forum doesn’t provide us with a spell checker.

What does everyone else think?

Understood. However, the point I should of addressed is the nature of how you deliver your OPINION as fact in many of your responses to posts. And btw, how do you get a 4 year degree from an American University without being able to write English? And to Tampa-Terry … I appreciate the knowledge you share in many of your responses to posts … but too many respond to posts/questions with bad info … and fyi, you can spell/grammar check your posts … : )

Heb ain’t “some jerk”. He’s one of the more knowledgable contributors of the forum. Keep in mind that part of being a personal trainer is being able to communicate to your clients in a clear and concise manner. You often have to write many of the routines, specific points in form/technique down for your clients as well. If you can barely write a understandable phrase here in this forum, how can you manage to maintain records on your clients? Ya get it?

My mother is from Canton, she does not have a four year college degree and neither did she go to high school in the states. However, she can speak and write English very clearly. As a matter of fact, she has beautiful handwriting. Heb is doing fitone a favor. One of the purpose of this forum to for the individual to strive for a higher level - why not in punctuation and grammar also? Heb is just looking out and was being quite polite. It wasn't a slam. Or a bash. Or a flame. Just a favor.

Oh and I agree with Older Lifter. Check the credentials of the programs and find out how far these certifications will take you. BEFORE you hand over the cash.

Heb, I used to be a court reporter, and there was a Court Reporter’s Forum on CIS where I was very active. It started out badly in the beginning, with various participants pointing out others’s mistakes. And understand, CRs pride themselves on their proofing ability, grammar, the usage of the correct form of words. Heck, that’s what we did for a living. But the larger effect was to inhibit the free flow of information. We wanted to build a community and build camaradarie. And people in their anger & embarrassment would just disappear when the Spell-Check Police (yes, that’s what we really called 'em) would publically list errors of commission and omission. Not what we were really looking for. (See, I ended on a preposition (sigh).)

If there is a mistake in my logic or in the information I provide, I’d love to know where others think I’m wrong. Call me stupid or fat in the process – hit me where my insecurities lie or put me down – and I shut down.

Heb, I’d like to think that people are writing, communicating, sharing what they know and at a level and in a way that is comfortable to them. I don’t want to point out mistakes in spelling or the like because as careful as I am, I make mistakes as well. Let he who is without sin . . . ? Well, I’m neither without sin or grammatical inconsistencies. (grin)

Yup, I’ve got Word & Outlook, on one of my computers, and I can copy and paste and spell check. But I don’t have it on another I borrow. I don’t assume that everyone has the same tools. And besides a spell checker helps with spelling, but not with correct form of the word. I’m still learning, and English IS my native language.

Bottom line, I want to know what people think – I can sort through what applies and what doesn’t. My plea to you, let’s not shut people down just because of their spelling, grammar, punctuation or the like. It’s a rough world out there, and the forum here has been my safe haven. I’d like it to be the same for others.

P.S.: And my public apology, you’re not a jerk. Patricia’s right.

I understand and agree fully with your point. I also write short replies on the “fly” and make typos or use poor wording as much as anybody. Perhaps I shouldn’t of singled out fitone but I sometimes see people post questions using such mangled grammar that it’s hard to decipher what they’re saying/asking and I used this opportunity to remind some to think a little “clearer” in composing their questions/responses. Also, I hate to see some share their opinion as a factual, knowledgeable response to somebodies question which is how misinformation gets spread. In other words, misinformation is worse than no information. However, I’ve been very impressed with some of your responses to questions and it’s obvious that you know what you’re talking about and have done your homework. And thanks for the apology…you’re a standup T-man…Heb : )

Thank You Tampa-Terry for standing up for me in this forum and I am glad you enjoyed reading my posting. And to Heb thanks for letting know that my english was really that bad. (Sorry) I guess I have to proof read more.

I guess I have been lazy but then again I was just recently diagonsed with cancer again and sometimes when I type, I think its okay grammer I get lazy or I am tired. This forum has gotten me back to being ME someone who have knowledge and would like to share it with the rest of the world…