SWIS 2002 :)

Who’s going!!! Post your names people. :slight_smile:

I’m going!!!

Wow so am I!!!

Thought I should let you know (even though you already know!). Patricia :slight_smile:

BUT I wish I was going! I WANNA GO!!!! dammit *looking sullenly at empty wallet* dammit.

I wish I could go but I am a little far away. South of New Orleans.

I’m off to the airport right now.

Well this was enlightning. Thanks Patricia!!! Bugger. Heheh. Chris well duh I know your going. But thanks for posting anyways. JasonL…people who “are” going. Ahhhhh thanks for posting. :wink:

I am definitely there. Should be a good one this year with 55 presenters. Im looking forward to Berardi’s, Scott Abel’s and Lonnie Lowery’s presentations especially.