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DAY 1:Dr.Rakowski discussing cellular hydration and overtraining.Uses a bioelectrical impedence unit to let him know how much water is outside and inside the cell to give him an indication of catabolism.Personally i think he was trying sell me something.Mel Siff was wicked,very alive,informative,and right to the point.I know there are some out there that say Mel is a negative person,nothing is further from the trueth.If you have the oportunity to be lectured by this man,dont hessitate.Dave Tate was awsome.No b.s.Unlike poliquin and King,he beleive the higher your training age,the less weight(max%)you should move because your body is now recruiting more motor units.I think hes right,what about you guys?
DAY2:Scott Abel lectured on pre contest dieting,which to him lasts all year.First off,Scott knows his stuff, but he never shares his info so i wasnt expecting much.Basically he says take 1 gram of protein per lbs,then dependind depending on your age,times 15.3 times weight in kgs + 639 calories,times 0.2 to 0.5 for activity factor, plus 10%for thermic effect of food.While we were crunching numbers, he wanted someone out of the audience to go thru the formula according to their info.Well he picked out his wife(i know its his wife but im not sure everyone else does),so their seems to be some theatrics.Anyways he wasted have the seminar on his calculator.Big waste,never again will i give this guy my time again.Tom Deters was worst but offered more then Abel.Dont know if its true or not,but said when stomach is empty,a meal wil generate a higher glycemic index.Dr Sears was interesting.I had told him that people in europe have injected prostagladngs and that they report apoptisis of fat cells and that if he was aware of any resaerch on manipulating eicosanoids to cause cell death for adipocytes even though it was previously thought that once you have fat cells you cant get rid of them,which i think some in the audience were shocked to hear that.He thinks the zone diet can kill fat cells.There was a flexibility workshop which started with about 100 people in the class and ended with about 4.It was basicaaly a CRAC/PNF rotational type stuff(almost similar to the type of stretching described in Supertraining).Then some guy by the name of Doug Caporrino was going tp lecture about business developement for the personal trainer, but it started out with commersials this guy did in the 80's for "cowboy aerobics" and gimmics like that.A real slime ball taking advantage of people that dont know better.I left before i felt like giving him a "cowboy kicking".Thats it for now.


WS, Scott did not pick out his wife. I know Scott personally and the blonde woman he used as an example is certainly not his wife. His wife was a few seats ahead of that woman. What I didnt like about the presentation was that Scott seemed uncharactersitically unprepared. He wasted way too much time on those stupid sample calculations and there was one jabronie that wouldnt stop with his questions. Just as he was getting into his speciality area, time ran out. It's too bad, because he's normally an excellent speaker.


I've also got to add that Eric Serrano's presentation was great. He was comical and it was very informal. It was a breath of fresh air after some pretty flat lecture styles. It turned into a bit of a roundtable between Serrano, DiPasquale and Milos Sarcev (who definitely knows his stuff). Lonnie Lowery closed out the day basically presenting the same stuff Berardi did last year. You can tell he's a university prof by his style. Nothing ground breaking there. I hear Batcheldor is injured so in place of his slot, there is going to be a roundtable of the nutrition presenters. That could end up being the best of the weekend.


westrainer...Damn right Mel Siff kicks ass. For the record he's not a negative guy at all. He's a stellar presenter as he has so much energy and he's quite funny. He also has a knack for teaching and I learned alot. Dave Tate was good. Great phylosiphy he had on learning and training in genernal...me so tired I can't spell. Also I agree whole heartedly with him on the training age and weight prescriptions for the application he was talking about. However Poliquin and King don't use the conjuntionated method and Dave was proposing this protocol for the speed days only. The flexibility work shop was actually pretty cool. I think what put most people off was that of the husband and wife team well the wife was a little screwy. I thought she was cool though. Regardless I pretty much agreed with everything they said. I really liked the way they did stuff. :slight_smile:


Blond woman,what blond woman?Im talking about the SWIS seminar.It was a brunette.As far as knowing Scott,i know alot of people he trains VERY well.If your on nutrient partitioning drugs of course you can eat shit and get away with it.And if insulin doesnt make you fat, how come everyone i know takes it with clen or thyroid?Im not putting down Able Bodies,with a track record like his you couldnt, but his theories are not applicable all across the board.HOw about yourself, do you think any normal person can follow his diet without gaining fat?I doubt it.


Not sure where you were sitting, but the woman he used for his BMR calculations was blonde and sitting in front of me. Annie did speak up and talked about Scott saying she doesnt eat enough to lose that 5 lbs, but she wasnt the calculation example. As far as his methods, I dont think it would work on a natural athlete. But like you said, you cant argue with his track record. I actually train a few of his former clients for contests now. One of the biggest complaints of Scott is that while he will always bring you in shredded, in the last 4 weeks you shrink. I dont think people would necessarily get fat from his approach, at least not his dieting approach, but his offseason seefood diet will definitely get you fat. Noone can argue that fat loading and high sodium dont work though.


His fat loading technique was his "pig out"on the weekends, but scientifically,i beleive their actually exist a method of fat loading very similar to carb loading.I havent been able to put the peices together yet but it has something to do with trying to deplete intramuscular fat and then fat loading with mostly olive oil to supercompensate.Ive tried these things on myself but since i train people i cant screw around with my waist line for too long or people are going think im the towel boy.Ive worked with many coaches but none that "specialize"in body building like Scott so i have been meaning to work with him but ive been hesitent because i only work with high level business men now and im not sure if Scotts training and dieting techniques can help me with my particular clients.His methods and theories make sence on many levels,ive dissected everything about his training programs and came up with a few ideas of "why"he might do this and that.Maybe one day well talk about it over a steak.He talked about being ready or "primed"to be able to do his diet, you just cant jump in because or your wrong enzymes are in order, it would be interesting to know how long and what strategies he uses to manipulate partitioning enzymes to the point where they can follow his diet,but for natural folks.If you want to hook up let me know where you'll be.


WSTRAINER, what type of diet program was recommended for precontest. What were the macronutrient ratios? Also, what type of program are you on now. I knew we talked a long time ago and you were doing a 2 meal/ketogenic diet w/ great results. How have your results been, and what are you doing now? I'm personally a big fat of high protein/no carb/moderate-low fat diets (like a protein sparing modified fast) for 3 days, w/ day 4 of VERY high carbs, above maintenance calories, low fat day to replenish leptin and prevent the metabolism from slowing much from the low cal days.


Please share more info. on the Dave Tate % theory.