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Swine Flu Quarantine





They'd have to drag my feverish, running nose, and coughing self right out of a crowded shopping mall.


My kid already had it, I am now immune.


And I'll raise you one by going to a Mets game and slobbering over every door handle and hand rail that I see.


You may want to take that to new Yankees Stadium, City Field is a ghost town these days....They have 93 Mil on the DL...ouch.


It's "Citi" Field. I heard some bubbleheaed anchorwoman spell it on the radio this morning.


Loving good conspiracy theories, I love that site.

Swine Flu was invented so that the vaccine could be used to kill off most of humanity...good stuff!


Wasn't this the premise of Mission Impossible II?


I'm a Yankee fan, can't stand the Mets. Maybe I'll have to grab the train ride both ways to pick up the slack.



Never saw it. But isn't reality supposed to be stranger than fiction?

Obama's new Civilian Defense Force will be kind of like the Red Guards (under Mao) or the Storm Troopers. Must make sure everyone takes their shots.

IBM provided Hitler with Hollerith machines to prosecute the Holocaust, btw. Maybe we should buy IBM stock, just in case we are one of the select few who live in the NWO.


If I can get a laser pistol in the CDF, I'm converting to a socialist and signing the fuck up!

I could single handedly annihilate pig flu with a laser cannon.